April 08, 2021

El Chupacabra - Mangey Coyote or Cryptid-Creature?

Scotland has Nessie, The Himalayas have Yeti, West Virginia has Mothman...and Puerto Rico has El Chupacabra. This week on Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast we take a look at the elusive and mysterious Chupac...

Cryptids & Cryptozoology Season 02 Chupacabra

March 16, 2021

Mothman - Harbinger, Herald, Hitchhiker.

In this week's episode, Xander & Stone discuss the legend of The Mothman. Also known as the Flying Man, or the Thunderbird, Mothman gained popularity in the mid-'60s after claims that it caused the poorly constructed Silver B...

Cryptids & Cryptozoology Season 02 Mothman

March 02, 2021

Skinwalker Ranch - A Paranormal Melting Pot

Supposing you've got even the most fleeting interest in the paranormal. In that case, you will probably have heard about Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin in Utah, USA. For centuries the Uinta Basin and has been one of the ...

Season 02 Ghosts Cryptids & Cryptozoology Ball Lightning Magic & Witchcraft UFO / UAP / USO

February 02, 2021

Water Creatures & Cryptids (Competition Keyword Episode)

Release The Kraken! This weeks episode is all about famous sea monsters and water creatures that lurk in our lakes and oceans. The mythical sea monster, with giant tentacles and an insatiable appetite for seamen (teehee), The...

Cryptids & Cryptozoology Season 02

January 11, 2021

Merfolk - Facts, Folklore & Something Fishy...

Did you know that there are real people, on earth right now, who have evolved eyes that are adapted to see underwater? This week's episode of Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast - we are exploring MERFOLK. Al...

Season 02 Cryptids & Cryptozoology Mermaids & Merfolk