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SHADOW PEOPLE - Mental Health or The Hat Man?

Oct. 19, 2020

Shadow Beings feature in cultures and folklore from all over the world and date all the way back to medieval times.Are they inter-dimensional beings, supernatural spirits, or psychic or psychological manifestations?Is an ancient Shadow Being responsible for (shockingly) high rates of teen group sui…

Ghosts Hauntings Season 01

HAUNTINGS - God Helmet & Good Hope

Sept. 28, 2020

A God Helmet, Magnetic Fields, The Cape Of Good Hope Castle in South Africa, a Haunted Phone Number, and some Haunted Bedroom Furniture.Just 5 of the many reasons why you need to listen to this episode.And our VERY FIRST LISTENER CALL-IN STORY!We'd love to hear your stories or just say HI and let u…