April 22, 2021

Indigo Children Part 2 - Agents of Aquarius?

The definition of an Indigo child varies depending on which New Age website you visit, but most believers seem to agree that Indigo's share some common characteristics. Are Indigo's here to usher a new world? Is their purpose...

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October 19, 2020

INTERVIEW - Intuitive Counselor Shiro Nobunaga

Shiro provides real solutions through his empathic intuitive gifts (extra-sensory perception and psychic abilities) & taps into your energy to see what is at the core of your needs, which guide him to the answers & solutions ...

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October 13, 2020

REINCARNATION - Plant Food & Past Lives

Do we become plant food or do we come back? What religions and cultures believe in Reincarnation? Can population growth reconcile with reincarnation? Is Gender Identity linked to Reincarnation? We answer these and so many mor...

Season 01 Reincarnation