April 22, 2021

Indigo Children Part 2 - Agents of Aquarius?

The definition of an Indigo child varies depending on which New Age website you visit, but most believers seem to agree that Indigo's share some common characteristics. Are Indigo's here to usher a new world? Is their purpose...

Season 02 Reincarnation Psychics & Mediums Series Consciousness Indigo Kids

April 22, 2021

Indigo Children Part 1 - Psychic or Psychology?

This week we're talking about Indigo Children - with a special thanks to Ryan from Instagram for suggesting the topic and the rest of our fabulous Instagram community for voting on it! What are the defining characteristics of...

Season 02 Psychics & Mediums Series Indigo Kids

April 14, 2021

Dreams Part 2 - Dreams, Multiverse Theory, Consciousness & Alternate Dimensions

In Part 2 of our #Dreams episode, Xander does his very best to wrap his brain around the mind-bending question from listener Nate: "Are Dreams A Glimpse Into An Alternate Dimension?" This episode almost broke Xander and sent ...

Season 02 Dreams Multiverse Theory Consciousness Alternate Reality Alternate Dimensions Quantum Physics

April 14, 2021

Dreams Part 1 - Subconsciousness & The Science of Dreaming

By popular demand, and repeated requests from you, our gracious listener, we are officially launching our new format! Every week, Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast - will release one topic in 2 parts. This...

Season 02 Dreams Consciousness

April 08, 2021

El Chupacabra - Mangey Coyote or Cryptid-Creature?

Scotland has Nessie, The Himalayas have Yeti, West Virginia has Mothman...and Puerto Rico has El Chupacabra. This week on Xander & Stone - The Science & Supernatural Podcast we take a look at the elusive and mysterious Chupac...

Cryptids & Cryptozoology Season 02 Chupacabra

March 31, 2021

Exposed (Again) - Xander & Stone AMA Part 2

This week we (finally) got around to answering a few more listener questions in Xander & Stone Exposed (Again) - Part 2 in our Exposed Series. We chat about the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, the Philadelphia experiment, the life...

Season 02 Ask Us Anything

March 23, 2021

Ouija Boards - Subconscious or Supernatural?

Over the last 100 plus years, the Ouija Board has brought frissons of thrilling entertainment to those who have dared to play. Despite the trope of Ouija Boards being portals to Hell and a direct communication to demonic enti...

Season 02 Demons Psychics & Mediums Magic & Witchcraft

March 16, 2021

Mothman - Harbinger, Herald, Hitchhiker.

In this week's episode, Xander & Stone discuss the legend of The Mothman. Also known as the Flying Man, or the Thunderbird, Mothman gained popularity in the mid-'60s after claims that it caused the poorly constructed Silver B...

Cryptids & Cryptozoology Season 02 Mothman

March 11, 2021

NDE - 7 Heavens, 14 Hells & Far Too Many Clerical Errors.

People who have had a Near Death Experience (NDE) often report very similar experiences. The light at the end of the tunnel, being welcomed by loved ones who have passed over, feeling at peace and in the presence of a Divine ...

Season 02 Near Death Experiences Sleep Paralysis

March 02, 2021

Skinwalker Ranch - A Paranormal Melting Pot

Supposing you've got even the most fleeting interest in the paranormal. In that case, you will probably have heard about Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin in Utah, USA. For centuries the Uinta Basin and has been one of the ...

Season 02 Ghosts Cryptids & Cryptozoology Ball Lightning Magic & Witchcraft UFO / UAP / USO

February 24, 2021

Exposed - Xander & Stone answer your questions.

This week we thought we'd do something different. Something that's long overdue. A lot of you have been sending in questions asking us how we got started in podcasting, how we met, and a few other fun questions about life, l...

Season 02 Ask Us Anything

February 16, 2021

Creepy Kids - Kids Say The Creepiest Things

Do you remember the TV Show “Kids Say The Darnedest Things”? Children come up with the cutest, funniest and most honest and raw observations. But, sometimes the things kids say will send shivers up your spine and chill you s...

Demons Hauntings Ghosts Black Eyed Kids Shadow People Season 02

February 09, 2021

Love Actually - Endorphins or Enchantment?

This week's episode is all about that naughty four-letter word: LOVE. Valentines Day is coming at us like a steam train down the track. All over the world, last-minute romantic candlelit dinners reservations are being frantic...

Season 02 Valentine's Day Episode Magic & Witchcraft

February 02, 2021

Water Creatures & Cryptids (Competition Keyword Episode)

Release The Kraken! This weeks episode is all about famous sea monsters and water creatures that lurk in our lakes and oceans. The mythical sea monster, with giant tentacles and an insatiable appetite for seamen (teehee), The...

Cryptids & Cryptozoology Season 02

January 28, 2021

Atlantis & Lost Worlds - Parable or Plausible?

This week we’re talking about mysterious lands that have become embedded in mythology and folklore. Dig around and you’ll find legends of idyllic lands in cultures all over the world. The lost city and legendary world of Atl...

Season 02 Mermaids & Merfolk Atlantis Lost Worlds