Feb. 16, 2021

Creepy Kids - Kids Say The Creepiest Things

Creepy Kids - Kids Say The Creepiest Things

Do you remember the TV Show “Kids Say The Darnedest Things”? 
Children come up with the cutest, funniest and most honest and raw observations.  But, sometimes the things kids say will send shivers up your spine and chill you straight to the bone.

In this episode we take a look at the weird and spooky things children have said. 

Can science and psychology explain why your child is talking to an imaginary friend who isn’t there?
Are kids more receptive to psychic energy and open to experiencing paranormal phenomena?

We went down the rabbit-hole of the Reddit Thread “Parents of Reddit what is the creepiest thing your kid has said,” and came back with stories about children talking to ghosts, seeing spirits of dead relatives they’ve never met and kids recognizing pictures of aliens that visit them at night when they’re sleeping. 

We’d also like to thank Instagram user & account Mysteries Of The World for inspiring this episode! 

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You might remember the TV show, "Kids say the darndest things."
Or if you have children yourself, you'll know that kids really do come out with some of the funniest, cutest, and most raw and honest observations. 

But sometimes, the things kids say will chill you straight to the bone.

Paranormal investigators and researchers, along with some more open-minded fringe scientists, agree that children are more sensitive and have an innate and unfiltered intuition that allows them to see with extrasensory perception.

Today's episode is "Kids say the creepiest things," and who better to chat with us about this spine-chilling topic than 12 time Tony award winner and the leading lady of the hit Broadway show "Quarantine The Musical" the Unconquerable Stone.

Such alliteration.

Thank you, alliteration. You know you, and I get a boner for alliteration, though.  Let's be honest. We both like alliteration. How about something like the Afficiando's Of Alliteration?

Oh, I love it. I've never been accused of having a boner, but...

A Lady boner, come on, a lady boner...

Afficiando...But that would be assonance.

You make a very valid point. Yes, it would. Okay. So...

Alliteration.  Consonants. You are welcome.

Can we then be? Isn't that funny? So if you have...if you have, if you like...(why don't you try to speak in full sentences, Xander?)
If you're an Afficiando for alliteration and assonance, that's actually assonance in that sentence.
Somebody give me a fucking award, please. Okay. Anyway.

It always stuck out to me because they loved Broadcast News so much, that movie, and he actually says: "a lot of alliteration from anxious anchormen," and I was stuck on that. I  thought, "nope."

You had to write in about that. You had to send emails. I can almost hear you reaching for your red pen. You were reaching for your teacher's red pen, as it happened.

It's such a great movie, but that one line always bugged me.  And we have with this a man who has never used a filter a day in his life and has the most beautiful voice that makes both men and women's swoon, Xander The Great.

Are we talking about Tim from the Bad Council Podcast? Is that, is that who we're talking about? Hey Tim.

Hi Tim!

Yeah, look, the thing about not using a filter like I don't use filters on my voice, but I use filters on my photograph. And I'm aware of the fact that if I ever go missing and they try and use a photograph to identify and find me that if they did find me, they would be like, "No, it's not this one's too old. Keep looking". Because...

No one would ever think you're old, Xander.

This one is at least 20 years older. Keep looking, guys.

I always think it's insulting when people meet me, and they say, "you're so photogenic!"  Because I'm like, "What? I'm sorry, I'm in person now."

"We like you better in photographs." 

What are you trying to say?

So we're here talking about creepy things.
Now I know, obviously, you've got a son, and I just want to ask straight off the bat.
Has your son ever said anything creepy when he was a kid?

Yeah. Well, I had said in our reincarnation episode, when he said, "I never used computers when I was a grown man, either," that kind of floored me. It, well, it definitely floored me. 
And I had that stunned moment.
And I said, "When were you a grown man?"
And he said, "Before I came into your belly," and I said, "Why did you come back?"
And he took his little hands and pulled my face towards him and said: "Because I miss you so much."

Aw.  That's creepy but also adorable at the same time.

Well, it was adorable in Context. After I got him to that point, I guess it was adorable, but yeah, initially it was like, when were you a grown man?
Like that was a lot for me. And then he had some other like past life memory stuff that he would talk about that threw me a little bit, but yeah. So...

Creepy stuff.

He was also obsessed with time machines, like really obsessed. He always wanted to build a time machine, which that, that honestly creeped me out a little bit, that he was, like a little kid wanting to build a time machine. That's odd.

That is odd. And of course, there were all the other kids.  When you were living with your partner, and there were the shadow people in the house, you know...

Of course!

...but you were experiencing that as well, so that was creepy for everybody involved. It wasn't just you.

That was all of us creeped out.

All of you were just being creepy.

I think it's creepier when the child has a different experience.
And you're like, "What?"
"Grandma says hi," then you're like, okay.
But anything from Sixth Sense is going to push me over the edge.
"I see dead people." 

And we're out. And we're going to the adoption house, kids.
Off to the orphanage with you.
All right, so what does science have to say about creepy children?

Science had a lot to say about creepy children, although they didn't call them creepy children.

Demon Spawn!

Haha, yeh right? "The Spawn Of Satan."
It was more about children who say strange things or odd things or unnerving things was more the route.
I don't think the word "creepy" because I think I would have ended up in a lot of very scary websites at that point.

Can you imagine if it was like in every parenting book like the last chapter was like, and when your kid says creepy shit, these are the things that you should do, the creepy shit your kid's going to say.

The little checklist, right?
Science attribute's it to the imagination. Yeah. Influence.
Which I think media influences a strong one. I can see that I can. What parents are letting run in the background, which leads me to parental influence that children of a younger age have a hard time sorting between reality, the fact, and the fiction.

It could be from sleeping disorders, which always makes her hit-list.

Of course, it's going to be sleep paralysis every single time.

Every time. Social anxieties. So because they're not interacting well with other children, they pretend they're having social interactions with their imaginary friends.
They have false memories, which I would have attributed to some of the former ones. But, they put it out as a breakout category.
Medications, certain medications will give them hallucinations or auditory. I'm sorry?

I said, wow. All right.
Like it's hard to think about children hallucinating.
I feel like in a compassionate way for the child, like that's a lot.

And auditory hallucinations as well. So they hear voices, but the medication is actually the culprit.
Food poisoning.  Which was interesting. I wouldn't have put that on my list.

Mum's dodgy chicken.  Making your kids say creepy things.

If that were the case, my son would have said a lot more weird things. If it was based on cooking. That poor kid. He was confused the first time we got a meal that didn't have a toy with it. That was a drive-through joke, Xander.  I don't know if you have those?

I got that. I just had this image of this little boy sitting at a dinner table, going like, "Where's the toy? What the hell is this shit? I'm waiting for my toy now.

Right, exactly. What is this? Just food? And I don't have to unwrap it. What are you doing here? Mom of the year, over here.

Furnace and gas leaks.  Which we covered in our ghost episodes as well.

Vivid fantasies. Which again can be a really good thing for a child to have imagination.  But sometimes, it goes to the dark side and gets a little concerning.

Religious or cult influence, which we've also talked about in previous episodes.

This one sad, abusive environment, but I could see that.

Sibling persuasion. I think we... If my parents hadn't been paying more attention, they would have thought my youngest sister was quite mad because of some of the things we did to her.

Really? We'll have to circle back around to that one.

We had some really good ones.

Schizophrenia and a borderline personality disorder.
So my understanding is a borderline personality disorder is more; at least here is more what the diagnosis is before they're 18.
So they don't say so we'll just go with that one borderline personality disorder. Yeah.

When you talk about, and when you look at the diagnosis or the history for schizophrenia, it usually tends to manifest in like your late teen years in your twenties.

I've got this weird fascination with schizophrenia. I don't know what it is. I've always felt... it's hard for me to describe it, but I felt an affinity for people who experienced schizophrenia.


And that I find it absolutely fascinating, but not necessarily just from like a mental health kind of perspective, but that there, I think, and, it's just a theory.  It's just a fun theory to have. That there might actually be some sort of a connection to like the spirit realm or something there. That it's not that we perceive it as mental health and mental disease. But if we were to look at it from like an esoteric and a spiritual side. We, for all we know, then they might be receiving like messages from guides and spirits and angels and things like that.
And I know in a lot of the African cultures, people who had, what I'll say is like an alternative state of mind, Most of the time, they were actually celebrated as gifted and touched by the gods. And they were like, this person is Holy, and they are conduits for messages from the gods and the ancestors.

How lovely. Yeah, I thought so. Or they have one foot in the other multi-verse universe. There's the alternate.

Absolutely. Obviously, not to downplay any mental health.

That's entirely possible. That's what I loved about Percy Jackson and "The lightning thief." I don't know if you ever saw that or read it?  But when he has these quote-unquote disorders like ADHD, which I have a strong kinship for, of course.
]But they were actually gifts to him as well that he had these learning orders, but actually, they were gifts from the gods.
So I guess it's very similar to that. I love the way they spun that.

back to what we were talking about, the children there, obviously media-influence, that's a big one.
If you're plopping your kid down in front of a TV and you don't have really much control over what they're taking in, that is obviously going to affect their minds. Yeah. And, from birth up until around three, four years old, our brains essentially function on the theta brainwave. And then, as we get older, we moved to more alpha brainwaves and things like that.
But the theta brainwave is essentially like an unfiltered brainwave. So what you're doing there...

As adults, we take stimulus from our environment and our sciences, let's say vision or sound. And it moves to like the; basically, the front of our consciousness and your brain then makes a decision whether to filter that out or to store it as long-term memory.

And of course, our brains, like they technically have no filters, so there's actually like a process.

As you're looking around the room, all the sounds that you're hearing.  Or when you're walking outside, your eyes are taking it. Your brain is taking in absolutely everything and then sorting it and deciding what is relevant to you and what is not.

And from birth until around, I think it's about four or five years old or three, four years old is when kids operating on the Theta, and the brain is essentially immediately storing that into long-term memory.

It's not being filtered out.

So that's the number one way, childhood traumas that like, come up and us as adults that we weren't aware of things that affect our life as an adult actually happened to us when we were a child.

And it doesn't; when I say trauma, it doesn't even have to be like a traumatic experience of abuse or anything like that. It's just something that happened in your childhood. That gave you a belief as an adult.

So like a very good example. I can use myself as an example of this. If you have something like a limiting belief or negative self-talk, it might've been something that happened in your childhood that gave you that belief.

And one of the things that I often would struggle with as negative self-talk was not feeling worthy or feeling that something I was doing was not going to be as good as what other people were doing.

And eventually, I won't get into it all now, but eventually, I actually got down to the thing that happened in my childhood, which is a very, if I look at it now, A really insignificant little event.

It wasn't anything big. And as an adult, I look at it going like that's so silly, but as a three-year-old, that made an impact on my subconscious, and it sat there as a limiting belief.

And you can actually overcome them. I'm happy to say that I've managed to isolate it and overcome it and identify it and say thank you for your service, but we're done with you now.

But it, like the media and what your children take in, can definitely influence that sort of thing.

When they say children are sponges, it's quite literal.

Quite literal, your brain is literally soaking up as much information as it can.

And then the other thing that you spoke about was the separation of fantasy and reality.

And again, as somebody who's worked a lot with early childhood development and working with kids in kindergartens, there is its part of your developmental milestones as you develop and get older is that you start to be able to separate fantasy from reality.

And that's why things like cartoons and Barney, the dinosaur and Teletubbies and those sorts of things.
That's my children buy into those programs so much because they actually, up until a certain age, can not separate the fact that big purple dinosaur is not real. So as in their mind, he's a real dinosaur; he's out there somewhere. And obviously got things like the tooth fairy and Father Christmas and Easter bunny.

That's why we have those because children buy into them.

My son, I had told him he had to. He had to get ready right after he'd finished watching Arthur, which is a cartoon. And I came back in, and Sesame street was on, and I said "Chase!"
And he goes, "It's still going; it's dress-up day."

But it was the difference between a cartoon and real people?
And he said it was dress-up day. So he couldn't distinguish either the line between the two things.

Yeah. When it comes to Santa Claus and things like that in South Africa, we called it, we call it Father Christmas. We don't say Santa Claus.
Santa is a very like American version of it.

That I, this is gonna make me laugh. So obviously, as a kid, I believed in Father Christmas, and I must have been; I goodness, it must have been seven or eight years old or six, six, seven, and eight years old. When I eventually figured out or knew or heard from friends or whatever it might be that father Christmas Santa Claus is not real.

I pretended to still believe in Father Christmas for the sake of my parents, up until around the age of about 11 years old, which is way longer.

But I didn't want to give it up because they seem so invested in it. Then I felt guilty and bad to ruin it for them. And then, obviously, I knew that they know that Father Christmas is not real, but they seem so invested in the fact that I was invested in the father Christmas paradigm that I held onto it until about 11 years old.

And eventually, my sister was the one who was like, "stop pretending, just tell them that you know it's not real."
And I was like, "damn it. Dammit."

So your whole family must have trust issues. You're all lying to each other about, yeah.

We're all lying to each other, yeah.
The other thing that you mentioned there is it was just about the furnace and the gas leaks. And we'd spoken about that in our episode about hauntings, and obviously black mold or something like that would fit into that as well. And that's a toxic environment influencing the fact that whether your kid is seeing hallucinations.
Like, that is deeply disturbing.

Right. Yeah. Several of these things were on the Catholic checklist. Maybe I should have started there—the Catholic checklist.

Actually, you make a very good point there. So like we tell children that ghosts aren't real, monsters aren't real; there aren't any monsters under your bed. 
But then The Catholics will talk about the Holy ghost. That's literally in the name.

My mom and I were just talking about this yesterday, and I said it is; if you're talking about the spirit in Pentecostal terms, it is a possession. It's a full-on possession. We take it differently. But if something's possessing your body: possession.
I said I hadn't thought of it until we did our other episode.
But yeah, absolutely.

It really comes down to the label. Yeah, it's come down to those labels. I think we mentioned in the haunting episode as well, where we said if it's some, if it's the spirit of somebody you knew in the past, like grandma, then it's considered to be a visitation. And it's a happy experience.
If it's like some rando, if it's something like a random dead person in your house, then you're like, it's haunting. It comes down to what we call it.

Labels, labels, it's all about labels.

We've got to label these things.
Okay. So what we're going to do now is we're going to take a little quick short break and give a little bit of a promo time to another podcast called Stories of Strangeness.
Definitely check them out.
They're fantastic. It's with Mike and Zoe. 
And we've also got a couple of announcements that we're going to do at the end of the show. So stick around for those, and we'll be right back.

Hello, I'm Mike, and I'm Zoe. And we're the hosts of Stories of Strangeness, a paranormal podcast that talks about aliens, cryptids, conspiracy theories, hauntings.
What have we spoken about?
What biscuit would you offer a banshee?
Are squirrels intelligent?
Would you really be distracted by the shadow of a sausage?
Some people are.  Tune in every other Monday on your favorite podcast player.

Welcome back. And if you're joining us for the first time, this is Xander and Stone The Science and Supernatural Podcast.

From black-eyed kids to hauntings, exorcisms, UFOs, crypto creatures, and everything in between. If it's out there, and it's weird, we're going to talk about it.

Today we're talking about the creepy things that children say, and I went to poking around as one does on the gospel, according to Reddit.
And I found 11 stories of creepy things that kids have said to their parents.
And, it's pretty much not mentioned in any of the parenting books that your kid's going to come up with some pretty creepy fucking shit.
They always seem to dream up these kinds of magical lands and fairytale creatures with almost no effort at all.

And sometimes, through their imaginations, they create things that are maybe a little bit more sinister, or maybe they've got a glimpse into the other side.

In a recent Reddit thread titled "Parents of Reddit: it's what is the darkest and chilling thing your children have said?" commenters shared their scary stories about the creepy things that they've heard their kids dream up, or maybe they didn't dream them up. And that is truly the scary part.

So the first one I'm going to read to you is from Laurie1119, and it's entitled "The Premonition."

"Late one night, Laurie1119 and her family were driving down a dark snowy highway at the end of a 16-hour long road trip.

The son suddenly covered his face with a blanket and yelled, "I don't want to get glass on my face."
It was strange, sure. But a few minutes later, a dangerous collision occurred just a few cars ahead of them, sending a tractor-trailer spinning out into the median. The commenter and her family miraculously avoided the accident."

The kid had a fucking premonition about the accident.
What the hell?

Yeah, that's intense.

That's not just, that's not just seeing a creepy thing in the corner and imagination.
Like a thing happened moments later, and he said, "I don't want to get the glass in my face."

I'd keep an eye on that kid.

Also, ask him about the lottery.
Definitely ask him about lottery numbers.

And the other one I've got here is from LIKATIGR, which is the best Reddit name.
L I K A T I G R.
Likatiger. Reddit user and mother LIKATIGR was "playing and laughing with her three-year-old girl one day when things suddenly turned very grim.

She says that her face went completely deadpan. She looked at her mum right in the eye and told her in a very serious voice: "Mummy, if you bit and ate all of my fingers off. I wouldn't love you anymore."

That'll do it. Yeah, that'll do it.

And this one's called "the making of a murderer," and commenter ScaryStrangle's daughter was only six years old when she apparently began plotting her father's demise.
Keep an eye on this one.
And she said, "Dad, when I'm seven, I'm going to kill you. No, wait, when I'm eight." she told ScaryStrangle while they rode in the car together. How's that for planning?
She's like, "I'll do it when I'm seven. No, no, wait, I'm busy. I'll do it when I'm eight".
Basically, she told user ScaryStrangle this while they rode in the car together.

Her response when her Dad asked how she planned on killing them was, "I'm going to drive over your head with this car."

Crap, keep an eye on that kid.

I just feel like we need more Context. Like how did she get there? Where they already in a fight? Had she just got grounded? Does she love her Dad, and this was totally random?

Just floating the idea out there. Just putting it out there.

What do you think about this? I've been thinking...

The other one, which is called "The Redman."

And this one says that normal kids' nightmares are real-life scary movie plots waiting to happen. Commenter 2kids2pugs writes that her three-year-old daughter tells her that a man comes into her room through her window every night. The man is red, he flies in on a spaceship, is very mean to her, and gets this: his name is "Consequences."

The scary man's name is "Consequences."

Like how does a three-year-old even come up with that word consequences?
That is scary.
A  redman is flying in through the window, and his name is Consequences. That's really literal scary shit.

I would definitely have a nanny cam in that room.

And this one is called "The Baby Sister."
This sad story is sure to give you some chills.
Commenter KenzoWild13Son was just three years old when he would repeatedly say that he had a baby sister with a pink bow, but she had died.

The eeriest part is that they had never had a baby girl.

However, they did have a miscarriage just before he started saying it.

Yeah, that's a little creepy.  Little creepy.

And this one is called "The Special Friend."
Once upon a time, commenter Kaiser 11, his sister, and his brother-in-law were sharing stories about their loved ones who had recently passed.
His brother-in-law grabbed a picture of his mother, who had died in a car crash when he was just a little boy, to show Kaiser 11.

But then the Reddit user's two-year-old niece interrupted.

She looked at the picture, laughed, and said, that's my special friend who comes and sings to me at night.

Dead Grandma is coming to visit you.

It's not haunting.

It's a visitation. It's not haunting because it's a dead grandma.

But still.  Unnerving. 

Even though the kid didn't know it.

And this one comes from IllogicalFiturity, and it says:
"I have a younger relative who used to talk about her imaginary friend, Mrs. Mim.
Mrs. Mim looked down on everyone. Not because she was arrogant, but because she is always floating up high on the ceiling.
Mrs. Mim is always wearing her favorite white dress and holding a big, clear towel - which they interpreted as a wedding dress and a veil.

Mrs. Mim's neck is always bent.
Mrs. Mim cries a lot.
Mrs. Mim hates our grandma.

When we mentioned this to grandma, she told us that she had a friend who hung herself in her wedding dress after her groom left her at the altar.

I asked that same relative if she remembers Mrs. Mim, but all she could recall was the weird crying she heard sometimes.

Now you see that's too "Sixth Sense ." Too much "Sixth Sense" stuff going on going on. It's too much.

In this one, they actually provided a little bit of Context.
So they say:
"Context, my bedroom was in the attic..."

You know we've spoken about this again in the hauntings thing. If it's, if your basement's not haunted, your attics own it. If it's not your attic, it's in the basement.

So this one is:
"Context. My bedroom was in the attic. When my brother was four, he told me about the man who lived in the attic. Apparently, he would hear someone walking around them in the attic when I wasn't there. He said he had seen someone's head poking out the hatch, watching him at night and that he was sorry he had been too scared to do anything about it, to do anything about the man in my bedroom. 

If that wasn't bad enough, I was hanging out in his room one day when he went quiet out of nowhere. And when I asked what was wrong, he said: "he's back ." And I swear to God, I heard footsteps coming from the attic.

I no longer live with them.

I was talking to the same brother, who's now aged 10, about him taking the big attic bedroom, which is now empty.
My youngest brother, who is 5, immediately answered: "But where will the man live?"

That's when you get a new house or check your furnace. Make sure there's no mold.

So like a personal anecdote, my cousin and she's now married with kids and things like that. But when she was very young, we spent a lot of time together because there's not a very big age gap between us and it causes maybe a year or two.

And she had loads and loads of imaginary friends as well, but it wasn't just one. She had a load of them. And they all, I was too young, I don't remember the names, but my mom's told me about this.
And she would get really upset because people would be like, they would want to sit down on the sofa, and she would not let them sit there because that's where her imaginary friend was sitting and saying: "You're not allowed to sit there so-and-so is sitting there right now.

So she's really seeing something.

It got to the point where her parents were pretty concerned about it. They were like, maybe we should have a check-up.
She grew out of it since.
But they were a little bit concerned about it because she was so adamant about the presence of these other people, these imaginary friends of hers.

We, we should have her come on the show.

We, should we should, yeah.

Hypnosis, hypnosis,

Alright, and here's another one from Baroise33.
And it says: "My son was two or three years old and always had a bunch of imaginary friends. The most frequently mentioned were Monkey Boy and The Cowboy.

When my son was two, he woke up one night screaming.

I ran into his room, and he was terrified. He kept pointing up at the corner and saying that the Monkey Boy was bad.

I ended up picking up my son and putting him in bed to sleep with me.

The next time, he was three and, we were taking a walk with his youngest, sister the stroller.
I'm pushing the stroller, and he's walking just behind me.

He keeps saying, "Ow, stop it." or "Please stop."

I kept looking behind me at him to see what was going on, but I saw nothing.
I stopped, and I asked him what was hurting him.
And he said, "The Cowboy's hurting me, Mommy."
I tell him that there's no cowboy with us.
He says, "Yes, there is. It's the cowboy that's in my head."


Yeah. You're gonna want to keep an eye on your children.
This is one of those situations where I'm quite glad that I'm a homosexual and I'm never going to have my own children.
That's fine.
If I adopted a creepy kid, I'd be sending them back.
I'm sorry, but I wonder if there are weirdos out there who like specifically request creepy kids.
Like I'd like to adopt the creepiest kid, please. Like some sort of Goth family.  "Do you have any...do you have any creepy kids?"

You have fur-babies, though.

I do, I do.

But they don't say anything creepy.

They do not say anything.

Although animals do stare at things.  Like stare at blank spaces or just look up at something that you don't see. That's freaky.

So, my cat. She's lovely. She's a Siamese cross. Really beautiful, but she's a real bitch.

Like she doesn't like other people. She likes me, and she likes my partner. She doesn't like other people, and nobody else is allowed to touch her. She went to sit with anyone else. She only likes us.

And in fact, like when other people come over, she will scurry away and go and hide in her favorite hiding place until those people leave the type of thing.

And we had just moved into a new apartment, and we had gone out. 

We'd moved all of our stuff, and we hadn't unpacked or anything. It was literally the same day as moving. We'd moved all this stuff in. We'd gone out to grab some lunch or something and came back about an hour later. And I opened the door, and I saw my cat give me that look that she gives to strangers.

There's a very specific "Oh shit, who the hell are you?" before she runs away, type of a look.

And I came into the apartment. She gave me this look of "Oh shit, who the hell are you?" and ran off.
And I still, I thought nothing of it.
I was like, we're in a brand new space.
This is our first time in this apartment. Whatever.

She's just a little bit freaked out, but she's never responded to me in that way before.
As we were unpacking, I figured out that there were suddenly things missing from boxes that were definitely in those boxes when we packed them.
One of them was my Amazon Kindle.
And the other was like this jar, I have full of loose change, but it was like a substantial amount of loose change.

Like there was... it was a lot like it was a heavy jar, and it was completely gone. The jar was there, but all the change was missing. My Amazon Kindle was missing, and those two things happened to be in the box, right at the front where all the boxes were stacked.

And we figured out that somebody in our moving process between us going on for lunch and locking the door, and us coming back an hour later, somebody who must've had a key to get into our apartment, the landlord or landlord's relatives or something, had come in and actually stolen all the change in my Amazon Kindle. There was no way you can misplace that amount of coinage. Like it is a huge amount of coins. And we figured it out because the cat was acting weird. We were like, why is she acting so strange to us? Okay. That's the look she gives to strangers, like who's been in this apartment and lo and behold, like my Amazon Kindle was gone and all of that change.

I do take a little bit of pleasure in the idea that somebody had to walk home with the heaviest chunk of change that probably amounted to like $2.  It was just a shocking amount of change at that to take.

But yeah. Anyway. So can we have another one? This one is called...

They had it in their big Santa pack, and it's like dragging it along.

Just like dragging it along.

Father Christmas, I mean.

Probably be getting all excited cause it looks like a lot of money, but once you sit down and count it...

I don't know...changed, adds up.

That changed didn't. It was a rubbish change. Like it was like the equivalent of a cent. Like each coin was just like a cent.

So, at best, they maybe got 2...3 dollars out of a whole lot of it type of thing.

Well, I hope it was worth hell. Cause that's where they're going.

Okay, this one is called "Purple Mommy."
"When my son was first learning to talk, he would tell us about something called Purple Mommy.
It could be an imaginary friend, but these details are a little bit creepy. Here are a few of the Purple Mommy details.
Purple Mommy is all purple with long hair and bright white eyes."
At the time, he would apparently mix up purple and black, so they don't know if she was all black or all purple.
"Purple Mommy picks me up at night and turns off the lights. We would often find my son out of his crib in the morning, which means that he would be crawling over the railings and to the ground at the time when he was barely even walking. Definitely found the lights in his room off a few times, too, even though he was terrified of the dark. He also said that Purple Mommy needs a bandage because she has blood everywhere.
Purple Mommy has no smile, meaning that she has no purple mouth. Purple Mommy can take off her head.
Purple Mommy doesn't like daddy.
He told us all of this stuff for maybe a year or two or a little more.
If I ever asked where she was, he would always point to the same spot, a corner of the room behind his open closet door.
He would also wake up crying almost every single night during this time. Once during a really rough night, my wife went to ask him and what's wrong. And his answer was: "Purple Mommy won't let me sleep."
Fucking hell. I don't know. Do you move, do you get the kid up for adoption? Do you send them on lots and lots of sleepovers?
What do you do?

There's no more Barney or anything else. All purple is out.

No, not Purple Mommy.
Okay. And then this one is called "The Freaky Flashback."
And this is when Reddit User SiouxDaisy's three-year-old learned how to cross her eyes. It was more frightening than funny. She claimed that at night, the boy with the glasses taught her this trick for crossing her eyes. And it would be to put her finger on her nose and then look at it, which is exactly how SiouxDaisy's brother had taught her to cross the eyes when she was a little girl. It just so happens that SiouxDaisy's brother had died when she was about seven years old.

That's a good one. But I will say, I think a lot of people teach that way. So someone else, maybe...

Somebody else might've done it, yeah.

That one's not super unusual. So maybe somebody...

That's like the false memory or like...

We might give that one a pass.

All right. So this one is called "The Red Man."

Normal kids nightmares or real life, scary movie plot waiting to happen...and I've already read this one. So we'll edit that out. All right.

I like that you stayed in character.  And we'll just keep going.

And this one is called "The MindReader."
When she was trying to cope with marital stress, Reddit user Cindycrazy, which, maybe it's all in the name.

Reddit user Cindycrazy often would picture scenes in a different world as a way to calm down and escape reality.
She was bathing her daughter while silently playing a scene in her head involving the ritual use of a sword.
When the two-year-old suddenly asked, "what's the long knife?"
Needless to say, Cindycrazy stopped picturing scenes like that while around her daughter.

Do you think...I don't know? I'm starting to like, get the vibe that children do have that kind of extrasensory perception, and they can pick up on what you're feeling, what you're thinking.

It's one of those things that I know from being a young learner teacher is that there is no way to bullshit your children.

They will know what type of mood you're in. You cannot fake it with kids. They will know what mood you're in.
So I'm telling you, these kids, they're picking up something.

And they don't...they have no filters. And so it just streams right through them. They don't think how's someone gonna react to what I'm about to say cause they don't have the life experience to worry about it.

Yeah, like "I'll just keep that to myself."

And this one is from BigGusParrot on Reddit, and it says: "my youngest sister, who was four at the time, had an imaginary friend named Paris Jarris. My Dad had built her a small Playhouse in our backyard where my mom could see her and hear her while she was in the kitchen.

My sister would have these tea parties with her imaginary friend.
One day, my mom heard her saying: "Don't worry. As long as I'm alive, they won't hurt you."
She paused and said: "Well, if you do that, then I can't help you. It's not nice to kill people."
When my mom asked her what that was about, my sister said: "Sometimes I have to tell Paris to be a nice person, or he can't visit anymore."
We moved not long afterward, and she never ever got a new Playhouse.

It's a great name, though. Paris Jarris. It sounds very fancy and like good children's book.

Yeah. Maybe they started with the French way. Maybe it was like Paris Jaris.

Either way, it still works.

And then here's a quick little one-liner for you by Rook45. And it said, "a kid said that he didn't want to go to church because my invisible friend says he can't follow me in there."

Haha. Your face.

Yeah, that's the scariest one.

Yeah. Just terrify you in one line.

And then the last one I've got is from Pakslania.

And this one says that: "most of my extended family live around the same area. So we have a lot of family gatherings. 
For the backstory, one of my uncles, Steve, lost a childhood friend when he was seven.
Steven and his friend Jack were having a play date one afternoon and got a little bit dirty in the mud.
So Steve's mother gave Jack a pair of Steve's shoes to borrow.
When Jack's father came to pick him up after the playdate, they forgot to put Jack's shoes back on, and Jack accidentally got in the car with the borrowed shoes.
Tragically, the father and Jack got into a terrible car crash on the way home, which killed seven-year-old Jack.
The family had him buried in the shoes he had borrowed from Steve."

What the hell is up with that? Like why do you, would you bury them in somebody else's borrowed shoes? Anyway, also the shoes that they died in, get another pair of shoe guys. Anyway. All right.

"So fast forward 30 years to a family gathering in 2010. 
My six-year-old cousin, Sarah, is playing alone with toys in a quiet room in the house. My uncle, Steve, came up to her and asked what she's playing.
Sarah responds by saying that she is playing with a friend.
Holding back a smile, Steve asks her who her imaginary friend is?
Sarah continues to play while saying that she is playing with a friend named Jack and that he is sorry that he forgot to give you his shoes back.
My uncle's jaw nearly dropped.
He had not talked about Jack and years and had never told six-year-old Sarah about him.
No one had brought up Jack that day or not any at any family gathering recently.
Every time I remember this incident, I get chills.

I had chills. I had chills.

I'm sure there's some sort of like a parable out there about walking in a dead man's shoes or something like that. Or maybe it's the name of a Western movie?  But I know there's something about a dead man's shoes out there.

I feel the whole Sixth Sense is just...Now I'm recognizing it was just Reddit stories.
It's just pulled out one by one.

It's completely making sense.


Just creepy kids, man. Creepy kids.

Creepy, creepy kids.

All right. I'm going to, I'm going to do one more. Cause there's just so many of them in this, so good.
This is from one called DawkingWed, and it says: "When my youngest daughter was four, we were watching TV, and something about aliens came on, and there was a drawing of a gray alien. She looked at the screen, looked at me, and said, "He looks like the man who comes to visit me at night."

Not the Grays.

Hashtag aliens. So that brings us to the end of our creepy little episode about creepy children. I do have to thank...

I'm kinda glad, to be honest.

Yeah, good because it's nighttime for you, daytime for me.

I have to go to sleep.

But I do have to thank Instagram user the Mysteries Of The World. Definitely check out his Instagram account because he inspired this episode.
He did a post on all of these weird, creepy things that children say. So I'm just going to give him his Instagram account, the credit for this episode, and the concept behind it.
I'll put the link in the show notes so that folks can go and follow his Instagram as well.
And then I've got a couple of other shout-outs that I want to do.
Of course, we went to shout out to our friends at the Bad Counsel Podcast, but in particular, I'd like to give Tim a very special shout-out for all of the love that he has been sending to the Xander and Stone Podcast.

It's just scandalous. It's scandalous, Xander.

He started it.

He's a married man.

He started it.

He did. He did. They did. They did.

He's married, but he's got a beard. Let me just say that.

Wow. Yeah. I look forward to hearing their response to that.

You and I were talking, and we've definitely...our listeners need to go and check out that podcast because it is absolutely...

It is hilarious.

They are hilarious.  Their content is super, super funny.

It is.

And you and I have already decided that we're going to be on their show and they're going to be on our show. So we're going to figure that out.


They just don't know it yet.

We will play well together. We will invite them for a play date. Very much looking forward to that.

Then, of course, I've got another shot out, and that's going to the Stories of Strangeness. To the podcast that we promoted today with Mike and Zoe. They're a fantastic, fantastic couple. Their podcast is awesome. They've got great content, great stories. So definitely be sure to check them out. Who are your shout-outs today, Stone?

I am giving a shout-out to listener Nate and also to Officer Pelkey.

Officer Pelkey, who's Officer Pelkey?

Yeah. He is a police officer in Phoenix, and he did an awesome guest thing for my students yesterday. And not so long ago, he brought me a deep-fried Oreos. I'd never had one before.

Oh, so good. So good.

I know. I was sad that I tried it. It's one of those things that I know won't just be a one-time thing. That I'll have to go back, but yeah, start the addiction.

Yeah, like the, I don't know if I don't know where the origin of the deep-fried Oreo comes from, but obviously, the first thing I think about is deep-fried Mars bars, which, they are there, they come from Scotland.
I think it's like their national food or something.

I've never heard of it.

Have you ever had deep-fried ice cream?

Yes. That I've had.


Oh, my goodness. So good. So good. Deep-fried anything. Let's just be honest is good, but we shouldn't eat it, but it's good.

I found a Paula Dean recipe for deep-fried biscuits, and you just take the canned biscuits, throw them in the oil.  They're just so bad for you. Like you can feel it is bad for you, but yeah, they're so good.

You can actually feel your heart-stopping on every bite.


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And me Stone,

If it's out there,

And it's weird.

We're going to talk about it.

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