March 31, 2021

Exposed (Again) - Xander & Stone AMA Part 2

Exposed (Again)  - Xander & Stone AMA Part 2

This week we (finally) got around to answering a few more listener questions in Xander & Stone Exposed (Again) - Part 2 in our Exposed Series.

We chat about the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, the Philadelphia experiment, the life of a pirate, spatial disorientation phenomenon, why Xander hasn't released an album, which candy we love the most and much more!

We also announce the winner of the $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD COMPETITION!

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Stick around to the end to find out about our exciting cross-over Bonus Episode with the guys & gal over at the Bad Counsel Podcast coming out this week!

"How many times will I have to ask you not to bring up the Illuminati on our show, Xander?" ~Stone

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