Feb. 9, 2021

Love Actually - Endorphins or Enchantment?

Love Actually - Endorphins or Enchantment?

This week's episode is all about that naughty four-letter word: LOVE.

Valentines Day is coming at us like a steam train down the track. 
All over the world, last-minute romantic candlelit dinners reservations are being frantically booked; Valentines Day cards and orders "Perfect gift for him" and "Valentine's Day Gifts For Her" are flooding Amazon (bet you wish you had Prime now, huh?)

But did you know that historians aren't really sure of the true origin of St Valentine's Day?  Are the Romans, the Pagans, the Normans, or The Christians responsible? What exactly do a goat and a dog have to do with Valentine's Day?  What's all this about naked, drunk lady-lotteries and hide-whipping?

What does science have to say about love?
What cocktail of chemicals and hormones  give us that warm,  fuzzy feeling?
Can science can explain why your romantic endeavors only last 2 years?
What makes someone get crazy and possessive when they fall in love?

We also have a few Gypsy Love Spells to help you find your soul-mate and or get rid of an unwanted admirer.   So get ready to bust out the cauldron and the candles for a Valentines Day Love Spell.

Or maybe you'll be spending your Valentine's Day with a big bottle of wine and a Sandra Bullock movie and celebrating "Singles Awareness Day" (aka SAD)

Wishing all our listeners a Happy Valentines Day!

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