March 11, 2021

NDE - 7 Heavens, 14 Hells & Far Too Many Clerical Errors.

NDE - 7 Heavens, 14 Hells & Far Too Many Clerical Errors.

People who have had a Near Death Experience (NDE) often report very similar experiences. The light at the end of the tunnel, being welcomed by loved ones who have passed over, feeling at peace and in the presence of a Divine Creator.   

These experiences often seem based on the principals of Heaven and Hell.  
A very Western religious experience.

With the sheer number of people who make claims of having an NDE, there has been an impressive amount of research done by science and medical professionals.

But what if your religion and culture have a different belief structure when it comes to what happens to us after we die? 

In this episode Xander & Stone look at what science has to say about it  and what different cultures and religions report about NDEs.

What are the similarities in different cultures? 
What are the differences?
And what's all this about Afterlife Clerical Errors? 

We can't guarantee any answers or concrete proof of an afterlife.  
We can't tell you what to expect from an NDE. 
But we hope that this episode will generate some interesting questions in even the most skeptical mind.

"Spending the rest of eternity arguing across a desk with some pissed off afterlife clerk trying to explain that there's been some sort of error sounds a lot like my own personal Hell" ~ Xander

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