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An Amazing Beginning

This is an amazing new podcast that breaks the mold of paranormal meets science and creates a whole new eye opening and mentally pleasing adventure. Xander with his quick wit, pleasant accent, and colorful humor meets Stone, a smooth voiced, science driven, fun-loving lady that will keep even the m…

Entertaining and Witty

Extremely entertaining. Love to listen during my daily walks in the neighborhood. My neighbors probably think I’m crazy and wonder why I’m always laughing out loud when no one else is around!


This podcast is thought provoking, genuine in its pursuit of knowledge of the supernatural


Like a soft pillow... enveloped me in deep relatable topics! And the voices... love it! Fundamentals of the universe speak here... Generously presented, grateful for this show

Science & Supernatural Swirl Topped with a Scoop of Entertainment and a Sprinkle of Suspense

This podcast dealves into questions that I didn't even know I had! The hosts are knowledgeable, quick, and witty. They play off of each other in an engaging way and are delightful to listen too. Grab a bag of popcorn and get ready to explore subjects and topics from two seemingly contradictory line…

Oh, my!

This stuff is so captivating! I love the reincarnation and sleep paralysis episodes. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the science and paranormal blend like this. Keep up the great work, and you two should think of having a morning talk show. You belong together like Regis and Kathy Lee. Great energy.


Love LOVE LOVE!!! this show. It gets better and better every week. Not only does it deal in the science behind all of their taboo topics but it also compares and contrasts them to their superstitions. I was hooked from day 1. These 2 have great chemistry on the mic and their voices are beyond pe…

Wonder Podcast Great Energy

Enjoy the podcast as a matter fact the podcast a great entertaining great information And the two holes work off of each other very well and keep your attention on the subjects being present. Keep up the good work with the wonderful content.

Great podcast!

I really enjoyed the reincarnation episode! Very thought provoking and entertaining!

This is not Xander’s mom!

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! It’s hilarious, informative, and very charming! I can’t wait to hear the next episode! (I’m on the first one, I’m hooked!)

Funky, fun, and absolutely addictive!!

I’ve been looking for a show like this for the longest time, and i’m so glad I finally found it!! This show is the perfect mix of spooky, informative, and also extremely funny!! Not to mention the hosts are AMAZING. If your looking for a spooky good time, this show is the one for you!! And keep up…

Excellent work

I’ve always been a fan of the paranormal and I definitely loved listening to this podcast!


I host a horror movie podcast so when I say I love the paranormal that’s an understatement! This podcast has great production values great story telling and great topics. Keep up the good work guys! Must listen for anyone!!!

Can’t wait for more!

“Is there anything sexier than a vampire?” Yes! This podcast! It’s awesome! I love everything paranormal because it scares the hell out of me!😳I can’t wait for more episodes to binge!!!!

Vampires for the win!

It would seem that I have gotten to this podcast pretty early, as there is only 3 episodes out so far. I started with episode 2 & really enjoyed the back and forth between the cohosts. Definitely check out this podcast! - Independent Thought podcast

Good stuff!

Love the pod! Keep up the good work

What a great new podcast!

This podcast rocks. Seriously. It’s only two episodes old as I write this, but you can tell it’s something special. Anyone interested in the paranormal needs to check this out. The hosts are great and entertaining. Best part: the show starts with the story. No banter or housekeeping. Listen now!