March 2, 2021

Skinwalker Ranch - A Paranormal Melting Pot

Skinwalker Ranch - A Paranormal Melting Pot

Supposing you've got even the most fleeting interest in the paranormal. In that case, you will probably have heard about Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin in Utah, USA.

For centuries the Uinta Basin and has been one of the most active paranormal sites in America. Even before settlers moved in, the Uinta Basin was known for its unusual energy and supernatural events.

Steeped in Navajo folklore and feared by the local indigenous peoples, Skinwalker Ranch has become the focus of serious scientific study in the last few decades.  

Dubbed UFO-Alley by the locals, UFO sightings and humanoid-like aliens and cattle mutilations are frequently reported by visitors and surrounding residents of Skinwalker Ranch.

Bigfoot, Dire Wolves, and something akin to The Predator have been spotted around the 500-acre property.  

And did we mention the Inter-Dimensional Sky Vortex?

We cover all of this (and more) in this Skinwalker Ranch episode.

"And as if it were a portal to another dimension, they report seeing a different sky and time of day on the other side." ~ Xander.

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