Jan. 19, 2021

Tarot Readings & What's In Store For 2021 - Interview With Brandon Stafford

Tarot Readings & What's In Store For 2021 - Interview With Brandon Stafford

2020 was a challenging year to say the least.  We faced quarantine, we're still facing COVID19, we dealt with isolation & being away from our loved ones. 
 With all this uncertainty it's no wonder we are all looking for answers about what 2021 holds.
 This week on the Xander & Stone Podcast, Xander interviews Intuitive Counselor, Light-Worker & Tarot Card Reader, Brandon Stafford.

We discuss Tarot Cards, predictions vs guidance, predetermined destiny & freewill, the history of Tarot, Cartomancy, The Death Card, The 3 of Swords (and many others) as well as how Tarot can guide us through troubling times.

We also get in-depth about the challenges of 2020, shadow & light work & Brandon even does a General Reading to give us insights into what's in store for 2021.

Spoiler Alert: The Death Card comes into play, but it might not be what you think it is!

You do not want to miss this episode!

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Instagram: expeditious_fool
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The Expeditious Fool

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[00:00:00] Paranormality: 

This podcast is a proud member of the Paranormality Podcast Network.

[00:00:14] Xander: 

There's no denying that 2020 was a challenging year. And I'm sure you're all wondering what's in store for us for 2021. While this week's episode, we have Brandon Stafford the Expeditious Fool tarot reader, joining us on the Xander and Stone Podcast. Brandon is an intuitive counselor, a Lightworker healer, and of course, a professional tarot card reader.

And he's going to be kind enough today to give us a little bit of insight into what's in store for the world in 2021. 

Brandon, it's so nice to have you on the show today. Now I understand that you're from Alabama. Just where exactly in Alabama are you from? 

[00:00:49] Brandon Stafford: 

I'm actually from Jack, Alabama, which, which nobody knows where that's at. I'm close to a Delton. 

[00:00:55] Xander: 

I don't  think I could even find that on a map if I tried. 

[00:00:58] Brandon Stafford:

I'm not sure [00:01:00] that they mark it on the map. 

[00:01:01] Xander: 

Okay. Okay. Is it that small? Is it that small? 

[00:01:05] Brandon Stafford: 

I believe there is a Dollar Store and, and gas station. We're lucky enough to have. 

[00:01:11] Xander: 

No McDonald's? There's no, McDonald's? Not even a Starbucks? 

[00:01:13] Brandon Stafford: 

 Oh no.You got to drive 40 minutes for one of those. 

[00:01:16] Xander: 

Oh god. You see, that's not the sort of place I live in. If I can't get a decent cup of coffee in the morning, then I'm probably not going to live there. 

[00:01:24] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah. I've just learned how to make really good coffee at home. 

[00:01:29] Xander: 

Now there's, there's, there's something I wanted to ask you, like straight off the bat and when we talk about tarot cards and tarot readings, do you refer to them as predictions? Is that what you would say? A tarot reading is?  It's a prediction of the future. 

[00:01:42] Brandon Stafford: 

I would say that they have the ability to predict the future. However, on the grand scale of things that energy's too interchangeable for that to stick always.

So I, I would say it's more of a conceptual blending mind mapping tool in which that we can tap into our intuition and really look at problems from an abstract viewpoint. It's a way to pull us from our conscious thinking and the subconscious and kind of blend those together to get more facets of the brain, working together for a problem.

[00:02:20] Xander: 

You see and I think the general public, I think when we, when I say the general public, I refer to folks who aren't necessarily involved in with tarot readings, who don't spend much time on like intuitive practices, like meditation and things like that. I think a lot of people might see something like the tarot as... it kind of starts to sort of dip its toe into that kind of fortune tellers sort of, kind of area where they're expecting that if you do a tarot reading for me, that you're going to be telling me what's happening in the next, you know, year of my life. And that kind of, for me raises the question of free will versus destiny. So... 

[00:02:55] Brandon Stafford: 

Ah yes, yes.

[00:02:56] Xander: 

I mean, talk to me a little bit about that. Obviously, you know, we, we all have free-will and when you do a reading for somebody, is it, would you say that the cards are kind of suggesting a predetermined destiny or a predetermined path and will that re, could that reading change with, you know, things like free being involved where you can actually get a reading, you can get a certain message via the cards and then decided: Ok shit that doesn't fucking work for me. I'm going to apply some free will and actually change the outcome of this reading. 

[00:03:24] Brandon Stafford: 

Absolutely. That's really where I would say the meat and potatoes of the value of tarot comes through. Because yes, for years and years, you know, Romani gypsies brought tarot and fortune telling in and, you know, people trying to survive with it and trying to do the sideshow mentality, you know, hams it up a little bit.

Hollywood gets a hold of it, things like that happen. And yes, there are psychics or fortune tellers out there that you can, you could go to and they make things exciting and they make it look cool, which is all good. And I'm not saying that spirit is devoid in it. It's all based off of the individual tarot reader.

So, so with that, sorry, get me back on point. Where were we originally? I do that from time to time...

[00:04:08] Xander: 

Me too, don't worry. It's fine. We were talking about like, if a reading is like a predetermined destiny and you can actually apply free will? 

[00:04:15] Brandon Stafford: 

Yes, yes. So as far as the predetermined destiny, the way that I see it is that energy is interchangeable. So, being an intuitive readers you know, we tap into our intuition and working one-on-one with somebody versus doing a general reading. I ask questions as the intuition's coming. And that's another thing where a lot of people will look at it and they'll, they attack that because they want to be wowed, but it's really a process to work through the problems.

[00:04:42] Now, the energy is interchangeable when you lay out a tarot spread because you're getting a vibe. You know, partly you're reading the cards, you're reading the person as well. How they're asking the questions to give them the best advice possible by what's laid down. So it might say that, you [00:05:00] know, if you continue on this path, this will happen.

[00:05:03] A tarot spread can definitely read that. Now that's basically saying that in general, if things don't change this is what's going to happen.

[00:05:12] Xander: 

The most likey outcome. 

[00:05:13] Brandon Stafford: 

So it's kind of like a snapshot of energy in that moment. Right. Whereas, you know, by that person viewing the reading, they now have the ability to make that change.

[00:05:26] They can decide to stay with their current course and change that action or, or stay with their current course and get that result, which will most likely happen, or they can change things they can alter. And that's what I like to do with my tarot readings. And then more in depth with my intuitive consulting sessions is give them the takeaway.

[00:05:52] So this is what's happening. Yeah. I was able to wow you with telling you some stuff that's going on in your life without you telling me about it.  But [00:06:00] this is the takeaway, and this is how you can, you can, if it's a good situation, this is how you can hold onto it or maintain it. If it's a less than desirable situation, I don't like good and bad, but if it's less than desirable situation, then you now have more tools in your toolbox of self-awareness to be able to unpack to deal with whatever the situation is.  Even if it's just a little moment of clarity that can help you proceed with your problem from there. 

[00:06:29] Xander: 

Going back to... So many questions right now. So going back to, to, to what you just said, I mean, one of the things that really seems to stand out is that the, and it was something you mentioned right at the beginning when we started our call as well, is that you really need to ask the right question when you're going for an intuitive reading with tarot cards.

[00:06:45] Talk to me about the right question.

[00:06:46] Brandon Stafford: 



You know, like what would you say is the right way to phrase your question? Or what type of things would you consider to be the right question? When you're doing a tarot reading for someone. 

[00:06:57] Brandon Stafford: 

Uh, yet to get down to the right question, you [00:07:00] really got to think of... as a tarot reader, you kind of have to look at it as why do people come to tarot readers versus going through other avenues?

[00:07:09] Right? A lot of times I think it is because they don't feel, they don't feel a tarot reader is necessarily superior to them. So therefore they might come to them because they'll open up a little bit. But when we get into the question, they're still... in modern civilization, everybody is still closed off.   They still try and keep their feelings hidden. 

[00:07:31] Yes, a lot of times you're coming to a tarot reader for them to tell you a lot of things you already know and face and confront you with it. You know, so kind of like shadow work, but ultimately there's still a little bit of resistance. So that's where as a tarot reader, you kind of got to dig down and pick apart their questions.

[00:07:50] So for first they might ask a question like "Am I going to get a promotion at work?". 

[00:07:58] Xander:


[00:07:58] Brandon Stafford: 

Right? That, that [00:08:00] that's a common one with finances that would be specific instead of a general reading. So am I going to get XYZ promotion at work? 

[00:08:07] Now with that, again, we were just talking, you know, how predictions, they vary.

[00:08:14] They can go a couple of different ways. So I wouldn't want them to necessarily focus on that. What I would say is: "We could rephrase that question to get more value out of this for you."

[00:08:24] Now I can give them the best prediction or if they're willing and wanting to work with me, which I have had very few, you know, be like, well, no, because they really want to tell you, right.

[00:08:35] So I would be like, you know, we could rephrase it to: "What's the best way that I can set myself up to get the promotion or be chosen over, you know, Billy or Bob or whoever the competition might be? What are the best steps I can take in order to obtain that promotion? And kind of get them into that mindset.

[00:09:00] [00:09:00] And this also goes with manifestation as well, and that's kind of why the tarot readings are able to help in ways that other, you know, counseling sessions, things like that, are not.  Because we're able to dive into, you know, more of the manifesting language. Whereas, you know, if you're asking, well, will I get that promotion? Anybody who's any of the experts? You know, you've seen the talk on the manifestation, they would say, well, you're already questioning whether or not you're going to get the promotion. 

[00:09:28] So therefore you're already setting yourself up to not be in alignment with getting that promotion that, so we need to get you back on track.

[00:09:36] If you want that promotion and focus positively on the steps we can take to get it, because if you're coming, asking the question to me already, you're already  wondering in your head if you're going to get it. You're already showing those doubts. So we really need to change that if you want that promotion. So that's more of the, I guess, the ability in a tarot reading versus how it's [00:10:00] commonly used and shown like in Hollywood and things.

[00:10:03] Xander: 

 That is I think a very insightful answer. And it sounds like from what I'm getting from your answer, it sounds a lot like tarot reading is coupled with and is very kind of intertwined with things like manifestation and positive affirmation. That it's not a black and white "Yes. No." Type of a question. And I suppose if it were a yes, if, I mean, you know, folks were coming to you with answers that were as simple as yes or no, you'd be, I mean, you'd be rolling out tarot readings, like, you know, and getting very wealthy and in like a week, because you could just be like, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no next.

[00:10:34] Brandon Stafford:

You know, the older forms than the standard tarot we know now  (excuse me) is like cartomancy and Lenormand style. There are yes and no's with that.  They're highly... they're well, I'm not going to say highly...they're not as accurate because again, there's that area of gray. So a lot of cartomancers or people that practice [00:11:00] that Lenormand style with a standard deck of cards, you know, they'll start throwing down and in a three-card reading it, it might be a "no, but...", or a "yes, but...", or a "yes,yes, absolutely". But there's usually still all that, "but" you know, even Madam Lenormand, I mean, Napoleon went to her. And when he didn't listen, he lost...go figure

[00:11:27] Xander: 

World leaders pay attention!

[00:11:30] Brandon Stafford:

Right? Yeah. He sent like one of his colonels or generals like to go vet her when he had heard about her at the time. Cause that was the time when they were still burning folks like her. And so they sent him over to vet her. And he was just asking about, you know, normal business stuff. If he was going to get this job and everything.

[00:11:51] And she basically called him out that he was a high ranking official in the military and he was there spying on her. So then after that Napoleon started to use her. 

[00:11:59] Xander:

Okay. [00:12:00] You mentioned something there and it's something I have not necessarily heard of before. . Cartomancy. I pick up on the word Card in there and "mancy" is like, when you think of things like necromancy and things like that, it's obviously it's got to do with intuitive, intuitive abilities and things like that. What is Cartomancy? I've not heard of Cartomancy before. 

[00:12:20] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah, Cartomancy is a single, just a standard deck of cards. And instead of using it to play a game of some sort, you're using those same cards with meanings, just like a tarot deck.

[00:12:35] So instead of 78, you've got like a, what is it? 52 or whatever it is in a standard deck of cards. Plus the jokers. Depending on the Cartomancy system you  used. 

[00:12:46] Xander: 

Okay so it's your regular kind of poker deck. The thing that you would play, like a game of Gin Rummy, or a game of Snap with, but it's used for predictive readings.

[00:12:55] Brandon Stafford:

Absolutely. Absolutely. And that's what a lot of the gypsies and things like that traveling, [00:13:00] they would use those a long time before tarot came into play. Tarot came into play, I believe, I want to say the 14 hundreds with the Visconti family. And they were actually painted really elaborate. Only Royal families could have them.



[00:13:16] Brandon Stafford: 

And it was actually a game that they would play. It was a regular card game. Again, then Gypsy's got, got in touch with the cards and started using them for their fortune telling. 

[00:13:27] Xander: 

I didn't know all of that. That's a little, you see, there's so many benefits to having a conversation with you. It's like a little history lesson as well. 

[00:13:32] That's awesome. 

[00:13:33] Okay. I'm going to take, I'm going to take us all the way back. I'm going to rewind them. I'm going to come back and ask a few questions about what we've just spoken about later, but I want to know, I want to know the origin story. You know, being a tarot reader being, and being a professional tarot reader, I mean, where does that start? 

[00:13:48] How did Brandon get involved in professional tarot reading? 

[00:13:51] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah, well, it was a long journey and I guess,  it would be a search of introspection really. And that's what led [00:14:00] me to tarot. You know,  we had talked prior and you told me will be thinking about my origin story and things like that.

[00:14:07] And I tried to write down an outline for myself and really what I did is I ended up writing a poem, which kind of outlined, you know, my awakening process to this point, but a step by step type of deal, you know, and that's kind of how it was because with tarot, for me, you know, I also, a lot of my life, you know, I was struggling with anxiety, things like that.

[00:14:33] A good deal of depression, you know, to a very extreme extent.

[00:14:38] Fibromyalgia, you know, joint pain, all kinds of things. And this started when I was a child, I'm assuming at this point, you know, I was highly sensitive. Stopped wanting to be hurt. So then I put up a lot of blocks, started looking intellectually, you know, not letting people in, closing parts of [00:15:00] myself off, which then later on I had to then open up, you know, because I still felt this longing. Right. 

[00:15:06] And I think that's where the search for a lot of people's starts is when you don't feel that peace. You know, you go looking for it. And for me, especially like with anxiety and thoughts like that, tarot was a wonderful outlet.

[00:15:20] Because with tarot, you're able to think about your problems, but you're able to think of it in a constructive way.

[00:15:27] So now I'm not sitting in a room ruminating over the same things, I'm able to get through it. And then I'm able to meditate. And I take tarot as a form of meditation. You know, there's many forms of meditation and through my life, I've experienced a lot of different ones. Tarot just happens to be one, you know, that I'm able to give back a lot.

[00:15:47] You know, I do teach meditation as well. I teach breathwork and tarot is a way that we're able to focus on kind of a mantra or a focus for the specific [00:16:00] situation you want to resolve. And that's kinda how I used it in my life. Yeah. Yeah. That's so, so that's it. I can't, can I read the poem to you too? 

[00:16:09] Xander: 

I would love, I was going to ask if you would do that for us.

[00:16:12] I mean, that is fantastic.

[00:16:14] Brandon Stafford: 

It has some specifics for me, which I'll explain to you. So you get a little bit more of my backstory, but it really, I changed the wording of it after I was going through the outline to, you know, apply to just about anybody. So.

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[00:17:29] Boo!

[00:17:32] You jerk!


[00:17:38] Brandon Stafford: 

"Origin Story Of An Awakening." 

Feel the urge for peace. 

Start studying religions and spirituality. 

Try to understand them all. 

Get to Scientology. Give up.

Go to activism. Go away. 

Study many Eastern religions and philosophies. 

Start meditating. 

Get lost in survival mode. 

Stop meditating.

Research more spiritual paths.

Go back to activism, but this time without anger.

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Fully aligned with purpose and meditate.

Find peace, share peace. 

If you get here and forgot to enjoy the journey, start over. 

[00:18:53] Xander: 

Wow. Okay. So I mean, the thing that really stands out to me and that, that was awesome by the way. That was fantastic. And [00:19:00] I love, I love the Scientology reference cause I have so many strong opinions about Scientology. 

[00:19:05] Brandon Stafford: 

Well, that's what I was going to tell you that I tried to like then cut it back and make it, you know, so it related to a lot of folks.

[00:19:14] Xander: 


[00:19:14] Brandon Stafford: 

But that's specifically from my story, because this started, like I was an unhappy child, you know, like, you know, great childhood wonderful parents, just an inner deep seeking, I guess, which caused you know, a lot of looking outward. But when I was 13, I wanted to write a book called "The Many Interpretations of a Superior Being."

[00:19:34] Xander: 


[00:19:34] Brandon Stafford:

So that's that step start studying religions and spirituality. Right? And then I got to Scientology studying the different ones. You know, I'm a kid learning different ones, you know, studying in-depth as I can. I was an odd duck, but anyway, and I got to Scientology. And I was giving it a good go, you know, given everything equal chance.

[00:19:56] And I just... I'm like, he even says that if [00:20:00] you want to make a million dollars, start your religion.  He was a scifi... and I'm not knocking any religion. I am not a religious knocker. I'm actually an interfaith minister as well. So I, I don't, but Scientology, I just made me lose faith in faith and faith for a lot...cause I'm like, "Are all of them like that?" Like, it was a big questioning moment for me. 

[00:20:24] Xander:

I agree with you. I agree with you on so many fronts. Like I don't even, you know, when we talk about something like Scientology and I know we were veering kind of off course here, but when we talk about something like Scientology, you know, I, I don't, I wouldn't put it in the religion basket because anything, like you said, he said, if you want to make a million dollars, create a religion and oh, golly, gee, shit, look what he did, but I, you know, I wouldn't even, I wouldn't even, I wouldn't even put it in the basket of being a cult because Scientology is something all by itself. It is... to me it's to me, it's a business, it's a money-making scheme. It is the ultimate pyramid scheme and the best method of tax evasion.

[00:20:59] But that's [00:21:00] another episode for another time, probably the reason I'll never be able to live in Los Angeles. 

[00:21:04] One of the things that you, that, that kept coming up in your poem there as well is "stop meditating, start meditating", and really the connections that I'm making there. And again, this is maybe one thing that I can speak from my own personal experience.

[00:21:17] Very much like you've said, I was also an, I like to say I was an interesting child. I also had a great childhood, but I also struggled with things like depression and seeking. I also studied a lot of different religions growing up. I was raised to be a Roman Catholic, but I questioned it from a very early age. And one of the ways that I managed to, and I'll even put it out there, and I think a lot of folks say that you never really cure depression, that it's something people struggle with their entire lives. So when I say that I cured myself of depression, I maybe didn't cure it  that you might refer to curing it in the medical sense as it's gone and it never comes back.

[00:21:53] But the way that I managed to really get a handle on depression, to the point that it is now so controlled that [00:22:00] it really doesn't affect me anymore is through meditation. And my meditation, you know, and I think when folks think about meditation, a lot of the times you kind of get these images of like Indian yogis sitting in their white loincloth, and a turban, and doing these really long, extended hours of meditation like that, it's something that takes hours a day and you have to be in a certain place in a certain mood.

[00:22:24] You know, you have to be sitting on a mountain top or whatever it might be. Um, whereas from for myself, meditation is simply a visualization. And the visualization, I don't mind to share this with the listeners because you never know who it might help. The visualization that I use is actually moving a ball of light.  And I know it sounds a bit odd. It's moving, moving a ball of light. Literally around my brain. So when I feel, and I don't know if you can attest to this, but when you feel, you almost get like an aura for your depression, that you can feel that your mood is declining or that you started notice negative thoughts, kind of popping up in your [00:23:00] head.

[00:23:00] I get this, what I call an "aura for depression", where I'm like, okay, if I don't get a rap on this, if I didn't get on top of this now, like in two or three days from now, I'm not going to be feeling great. So when I started to feel this kind of like aura for depression coming on, I do this very quick visualization where I visualize my brain as like, you know, it's physiological biological thing in my head, but with a ball of light, almost like a spotlight or an orb of light that is at that time, hovering over a certain area of my brain. And it's kind of almost spotlighting the area where depression kind of sits in my brain.

[00:23:34] Which, you know, I, I don't know if that's how it works. I don't know if it's a medical doctor is going, like "what utter bullshit." 

[00:23:39] And then I visualize that light moving to another part of my brain. So it's almost like I'm moving that, that focus that thought that spotlight on those types of thoughts.

[00:23:49] Brandon Stafford: 


[00:23:50] Xander:

I'm moving the spotlight from that part of my brain to another part of my brain. But the thing that you've said, the thing that you said there is that you stop meditating and then you start meditating. And what I noticed about your poem [00:24:00] is that the low parts of I'll say the low parts of your experience, your life experience seem to come along with stop meditating, and then you would encounter different struggles and things like that.

[00:24:11] Talk to me about that. 

[00:24:13] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah, sometimes...Sometimes it's a situation where you get stuck in survival mode or the day to day, and the meditation drops off. Or sometimes the meditation drops off then you get stuck into survival mode, you know, kind of which came first, the chicken or the egg. 

[00:24:32] And also with those is it kind of...it illustrates the challenges a lot of people have when they meditate. A lot of the challenges they have with the awakening process, period. Because the setbacks we get upset about, you know, like, like you were saying, you don't believe that, or you've heard that, you know, depression can never be cured. 

[00:24:56] Xander: 


[00:24:57] Brandon Stafford: 

There's reasons. [00:25:00] Because you can figure out and you can get everything going well and even figure out how to handle all situations coming at you, which if you're able to handle all that would be enlightenment. Way to go!   Go You! If you can do that.

[00:25:12] Xander: 

Yeah, right?

[00:25:13] Brandon Stafford: 

But even once even, you know, you look at all of the ancient texts on it, et cetera, the Bodhisattva's. Once you reached Nirvana, what does everybody do? 

[00:25:24] Xander: 

You're just hanging out being enlightened, right? 

[00:25:28] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah. They decided to come back down and help all of those that are struggling so well, that means you got to come back through.

[00:25:36] And then that's where like the Adam and Eve story got a little skewed is, you know, Adam and Eve were sent to help the  earth. Well they had  to eat from the tree of knowledge, in order to help the earth, they had to take on that suffering that knowledge of the earth and cast themselves out of a perfect Eden in order to help others suffering.

[00:25:59] Because you have [00:26:00] to know that suffering. So even if you reach full enlightenment, sorry, spoiler alert, everybody...

[00:26:05] Xander: 

You're coming back and doing it again.

[00:26:08] Brandon Stafford: 

 Your compassion is going to be so strong. It's not worth it unless everybody eats. 

[00:26:13] Xander: 

Yeah. I mean, otherwise, like you say, otherwise, you're just sitting kind of up there in Nirvana as a bodhisattva on a permanent like awesome trip, fucking fantastic.

[00:26:21] But really what are you going to do with that? It's not going to help the world at all. You need to come back and go through those cycles again, where you're benefiting other people and helping them reach a state of enlightenment or, you know, take the next step towards enlightenment. 

[00:26:34] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, even like people that we see that, you know, like you're talking to yogis...Sadhguru um, he's really popular right now.

[00:26:43] And with him, you know, he always talks about being blissed out and he does look blissed out all the time, but he still is choosing, he could just sit blissed out all day, but he still chooses to go do the speeches, everything, which is a lot, especially, you know, for [00:27:00] somebody. He would rather be doing yoga , chilling, hanging out.

[00:27:02] Xander:

Just chilling, blissing out, right? Wouldn't we all?

[00:27:05] Brandon Stafford: 

But he's fulfilling his duties. You know, talking to people for hours at a time, New Year's Eve alone  I spent two hours with the man. 

[00:27:15] Xander: 


[00:27:17] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah, it was on the internet.

[00:27:19] Xander: 

Oh, not in person.

[00:27:20] Brandon Stafford: 

I actually wish I was that. It'd be awesome. 

[00:27:25] Xander: 

Wouldn't that be awesome? I did see, like I followed quite a few of his videos, obviously, you know, 2020 afforded us all a lot of time to sit on YouTube, let's be honest.  

[00:27:33] And part of my 2020 experience. And this is something that I think a lot of people and dealing with 2020, there were two, like I think we were all offered a choice in 2020.

[00:27:43] And, you know, my, my personal opinion, I don't know if you're going to agree with me about this is 2020, was the universe answering questions that the world has been asking for a long time. And, you know, I think a lot of, you know, leading up to 2020, I think a lot of people were waking up every morning saying things like, "I hate my job. I [00:28:00] wish I could spend more time at home with my family" and, you know, statements like that, affirmations like that. And then lo and behold, the universe answered and sent everybody home for a year. And I think a lot of how people  dealt with 2020. I said, "dealt" because it's 2021 now, officially.

[00:28:18] But I think the way that a lot of people dealt with 2020 speaks a lot to where you are on your journey, as, you know, as a human moving towards whatever it is, attainable goals that you're, you know, whether it be enlightenment or more time with family or time to reflect on your own life, you know, a lot of people dealt with it in different ways and a lot of people got very negative about it.

[00:28:38] And so all the negative aspects of, you know, I have to stay home because there's a pandemic going on. And then there are other folks who maybe fluctuated a little bit between negative and positive. And then there were those folks who saw it as an opportunity. And, you know, I liked to think that I was one of the people who was like, "This is fucking awesome. This is giving me a whole year to do all the things I want to do" and, and [00:29:00] following. Sadhguru and, um, really kind of delving into like Buddhist theology. and Buddhist practices and things like meditation was one of the things that 2020 afforded me the time to do. And I couldn't be more grateful for it. I don't know about your experience of 2020, but mine was enlightening as fuck.

[00:29:16] Brandon Stafford: 

Oh yeah, yeah, no, that, that's an excellent point you bring. 2020, definitely especially with my situation, you know, there was a lot of stability structures crumbling. Like personally, not just the outside structures. You know, I had a bad relationship where like I was fully committed in that had to move relocate, start over all kinds of craziness, decided to, you know, follow my passion this year.

[00:29:45] This is the year that I started my business. I was kind of doing it as a side thing for a long time prior. And this is where I was like, you know, I'm going for it. 

[00:29:53] Xander: 


[00:29:54] Brandon Stafford: 

I'm going to, and I stepped in my power and I took that time to reflect more, [00:30:00] meditate more. I started the Five Tibetan Rites this year, which anybody who's looking to improve day to day that's just wonderful. 

[00:30:08] But ultimately what you were saying, and I think it's going to be a continuation in 2021, you were saying, you know, it's matter of how people dealt with 2020, determined their outcome almost. 

[00:30:23] Xander: [00:30:23] Yeah. 

[00:30:23] Brandon Stafford: [00:30:23] But I mean, of course I'm a big positivity guy. Although shadow work is my favorite. I believe I've told you that before, but, but though I'm a positivity guy, you really got to own both of those aspects of it and really do that work and accept that you know, like 2020, it was a call for everybody, you know, putting that energy out there. But on top of that, they said it, but then they held it inside. 

[00:30:53] Xander: [00:30:53] Yeah. 

[00:30:53] Brandon Stafford: 

You know, I want to be with my family, but I still work 15 hours a day, 60 hours a [00:31:00] week.

[00:31:00] I want to be with my family, but I need this or that. I'm afraid of food. I'm afraid, you know, all of these things that people are held back with, and that creates, you know, like in tarot that would relate to a Tower moment. Everybody's afraid of the Tower, but the Tower comes when we repress, like our shadow self or 2020 kind of a collective dark night of the soul, a collective shadow self, a collective energy that had been repressed. You know, we've been moving towards progression and moving towards progression for progressions sake. Technology for technology sake. Not really for betterment. A lot of cases for the detriment. 

[00:31:40] Xander: 

Yeah. Disruption and distraction, right?

[00:31:42] Yeah. Distracting us from the most important things in life. 

[00:31:45] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah. And dulling the mind by us having the constant sensations. It dulls the mind, therefore it literally steals life. So that's...that long enough timeline will build up and it has [00:32:00] to break. And honestly, I feel that's a lot of the 2020 and moving into 2021's energy that it's going to take a lot of, the lot of deciding from each individual person. Are you going with a materialistic old way or are you really going to follow your spirit and do what you've wanted to?

[00:32:21] Like really follow your spirit.

[00:32:23] And doing what you want to do might be taking care of your family. Might be, you know, focusing just on your relationship. It doesn't necessarily mean leave everything and leave everybody and go crazy.

[00:32:34] You know, different people want different things. But really being true to that and speaking that voice, and if you don't speak that voice, you're going to suffer more. That's not like karma. That's just, it it's what happens if you don't speak your voice, that's a buildup of energy. So it's... it's going to be painful.

[00:32:53] Xander:

That is that, that there's something that  you, you just said that when you said really far, you really follow your spirit, that is a [00:33:00] phrase that I have heard repeated from so many different sources from different intuitive counselors from Rita's from tarot cards, that phrase. Keeps coming back into my life.

[00:33:10] So I'm, you know, it's a phrase that I've heard so often now that I'm starting to write really fucking pay attention, you know what I mean? Like yeah. And you know, I think if anybody follows me on or follows our podcasts, Instagram account, they'll see that this is something that I've kind of been tiptoeing around and then kind of suggesting too.

[00:33:26] That following my spirit. And by that, I mean like changing career paths and following a different path in life. And one that my spirit seems to be asking for versus the one that my head keeps saying like, no, this is safe. This is, you know, this is the right thing to do. And in my spirit and my heart and my soul is saying like, no, this is the thing you want to do.

[00:33:44] You need to be doing this not the first time that phrase has come up in my life recently to be honest Brandon. 

[00:33:50] Brandon Stafford: 

But it's a good one. So stick with it. 

[00:33:53] Xander:

I'm gonna. Look, all the signs are there. And the fact that you just said it again now it's pretty much like a red blinking light in the front [00:34:00] of my eyes at the moment.

[00:34:01] That's you know, saying like, you need to pay attention to this. 

[00:34:04] Brandon Stafford:

When I do the 2021 reading later, it's going to come back again. 

[00:34:08] Xander:

Ok awesome, 

[00:34:09] Brandon Stafford: 

I'm glad. 

[00:34:10] Xander: 

'm glad. Before we head into that, now, what the listeners don't know is that I asked you before the show, I asked if you would be willing to do a general reading for 2021 for us.

[00:34:18] Just to give us your insights. So we're looking at 2021 we're right at the beginning of 2021 after a rather shocking 2020. So I'm going to hand it over to you to talk to us. I can see you've got your cards laid out in front of you.

[00:34:28]Brandon Stafford: 

I do. 

[00:34:28] Xander: 

I'm going to take notes while you're talking. So over to you.

[00:34:33] Brandon Stafford: 

Okay. So with 2021 we do have an interesting year as I'm sure a lot of you expected with 2020. There's no way that we were just going to go quietly into 2021. Everything was going to go back to great, like COVID doesn't exist. We're able to fly around. Yeah. Everybody knows that wasn't going to end. So the very first card I threw out.

[00:34:57] I kind of chuckled a little bit. I got the [00:35:00] World Card in reverse. 

[00:35:01] Xander: 


[00:35:02] Brandon Stafford: 

So that's going to be January. The world's still turned upside down a little bit. We're still trying to find our footing, but really what it's indicating is a major end to previous cycle. You know, like you were saying, in 2020, we had two different ways that we could handle the situation.

[00:35:22] 2021 - I'm going to talk more on that. That's going to continue because there are multiple different ways we can handle the situation and that will directly relate on our personal experience of it. You know, things are going to happen outside, we were just talking about that, but our personal experience can be different.

[00:35:38] So going right into February. So an end of the cycle, being January, going right into February. We've got the Three of Swords. I'll show that one for you right there. I know you can see it. The listeners can't 

[00:35:51] Xander: 

Yeah, so what I'm seeing when you , let me just describe to the listeners what I saw there.

[00:35:55] So it was literally three swords. That they look like they've been bound by [00:36:00] something. So there's like a red cord wrapped around the three swords kind of binding them all together and the swords are crossing.   Like visually, that's a very, like, I'm not gonna lie. That's a pretty dark looking card.

[00:36:12] Brandon Stafford: 

Right? And I know there's, you know, we've got listeners from around the world. So, so the energy is going to apply differently. Me here in America, I've got a very different perspective on this whole read than others. You know, I've got some election related things that are jumping out, but I'm trying to keep it as general as possible.

[00:36:33] But with the Three of Swords here being into February, what I'm really taking that as is there's going to be some conflict. There's definitely going to be some pain and it's really jumping out to me: entanglement. So conflict due to an entanglement of some sort could be, you know, it could be super powers.  Those are big swords that are bound up. 

[00:36:54] Again, I said, I'm not going to try and sound like Nostredamus doing yearly predictions for a world. That's [00:37:00] kind of tricky.  But, that is very possible. It could be conflict or it could be the world's powers being bound up and tied. But that's, ultimately that is a card of heartbreak. A pain. There is going to be pain happening in February for the majority.

[00:37:16] And how general readings work for those that don't know is it does pick up on the most energy out there. So, so this is going to be varying, you know, I'm not saying everybody's going to have an absolute shit February.

[00:37:30] But the big energy overall. It is going to be one of pain and also being bound. We might not have as much movement. 

[00:37:38] Now coming into March. We've got the Eight of Cups. Now the Eight of Cups is about realizing that the previous cups weren't working for you, you got to move on to higher ground. The previous ways of... and cups are emotion...and in this case, the previous ways of feeling and relating [00:38:00] to the world may not have been working. So people are starting to wake up in general and realize that they need to rise above that action.

[00:38:08] And they need to move on without looking back. Another thing I forgot to mention with the three of swords. So back to February here - is that could feel like a lot of people's thoughts are bound as well.  Afraid to speak your voice. That's very possible. Swords are always with thoughts in this particular one being tied up, your thoughts are being tied up. Communications being tied up, all of that. Then leading you to wanting to change that emotional connection. 

[00:38:36] Through 2020, we, a lot of people all over the world, we've experienced a lot where we're kind of getting, you know, fed up with being bound. Fed up with not being able to connect with others. 

[00:38:47] Yes, we're getting really creative with zoom and all kinds of other things, but we are getting fed up with that. 

[00:38:53] And it's funny because we're talking about it more so now, but previously we almost acted like we [00:39:00] didn't want to hang out with folks.  

[00:39:02] So, so it's interesting, but we're seeing that's not, and maybe we had to go through this to see that's not really the way we want it to be. 

[00:39:10] And then the next one, so we're going into April here, we've got the Nine of Swords, but in reverse and I'll show this one to you as well here. This is a different one. 

[00:39:20] Yeah. I'm using the Kim Krans [Tarot] Deck. 


[00:39:22] Xander: 

Looking very "stabby".

[00:39:25] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah. Yeah. It's...and Nine of Swords for most people, you know, they know the Rider Waite-Smith {Tarot deck}, but with Kim Krans {Tarot Deck}, she basically has {image on card the card of} a festering jaw. It's just rotting away - of an animal.

[00:39:38] Being...and it's stabbed with nine different swords, but that's usually the card of anxiety.  

[00:39:45] Which somebody who like, like me, I've got a pretty darn good handle now, but I struggled with anxiety since I was a kid like we talked about earlier. So that card, like, it screams it to me because sometimes that's the way you feel [00:40:00] is it's like a festering rotting feeling. But what I can see with them that is there's going to be the anxiety, but we're...because we're seeing the emotional connection we really want to have.  We saw that from the previous month, made those realizations and we really want to make those connections. So we're having anxiety about it. But we're making the realization that we have to make that change. So we're coming out of that anxiety. This was in reverse, which anybody who's heard me  do the card readings, I don't read reversals unless it relates to the reading or intuitively. And that's how I'm getting that is that we're coming out of that anxiety from the previous side. 

[00:40:40] The next month we have, we're going into May. And that card we have the Nine of Wands. I'll show you this one here. 

[00:40:48] Xander: 

It's like a staircase.

[00:40:49] Brandon Stafford: 

It's literally like you're walking up into the light.

[00:40:51] Xander: 


[00:40:52] Brandon Stafford:

So with that, you're growing, but we're stepping out of that darkness, but we feel so weary [00:41:00] from everything that, that we've went through as a collective. So at that time, in order to get up all those steps, it's going to be a hard push. We're going to have to rally our confidence. All those people we wanted to connect with that we saw, maybe we be neglected.  Maybe we broke the cup in the past, you know, a couple months back. Maybe we broke some of those cups and we're realizing that to fix those. And that's really what we need to focus on to gain that confidence, to walk up those steps of the Nine of Wands in May.  And that's saying that you're almost at the end, but you got to keep going.

[00:41:36] Next in June, we've got the Seven of Swords - that's even though people are taking those steps there, they're connecting, everybody's still gonna be suspicious. Everybody's still gonna be paranoid. There's going to be a lot of fear, energy, still, you know, fear pretty much controlled 2020. 

[00:41:58] Xander:


[00:41:59] Brandon Stafford: 

It [00:42:00] looks like fear's going to do a good job with 2021 as well. You know, we're halfway through the month [year]. I'll get to the rest of this in a second, but fear is going to do a good job in 2021 as well.  Which is why, you know, you were talking about it prior, I said, I was going to touch on it again. It's really going to be how you handle all of these  situations. 

[00:42:21] I could see 2021 is going to continue to throw some stuff at us. And it's really going to be how you choose to handle it, whether or not you're going to have a more pleasant experience than not.


[00:42:37] Xander: 

[00:42:38] I am so happy to announce that the Xander & Stone Podcast was listed as #13 on the TTop 50 Hot Podcasts in the January 2021 Podcast Magazine. Of course, we have you, our wonderful listeners to thank for it. And being the overachievers that we are now, we want to start climbing to #1 on that list.

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[00:43:08] [END MID ROLL PROMO]

[00:43:15] Brandon Stafford:

So continuing on the next card seems really great. We've got July and this is the Nine of Cups. Nine of cups can be almost complete emotional fulfillment, but this is a little bit darker being that it's surrounded the month prior and after with some negative tone cards. So I do see in July, we might be feeling really abundant, who knows, maybe in America we'll get another large stimulus. That's kind of the bandaid they keep throwing on it. 

[00:43:46] But emotionally we might be making more connections. We might be feeling more whole in that way. But getting over some of these suspicions from the prior month, but the very following month, one of two things is going to [00:44:00] happen. We have the Father of Cups, which is like the King of cups for most [tarot]decks, but it's in reverse.

[00:44:06] Kings are knowledge. Knowing. So that would be, you know, going from a point of emotional stability with the Nine of Cups to, we don't know any more, we have no clue about the emotional stability.  So that could lead a lot of people, you know, then back into that darkness, going around that cycle again, you know, they climbed out of that staircase, you know, back here in May and then boom. They're right back into it, due to the emotional instability. 

[00:44:35] Now it also, I said I was going to try not to sound too Nostradamus, like, but it also could be, being at a world reading, it could be an emotionally unstable leader causing some situations. Because a lot of times court cards do represent a specific person.

[00:44:53] So with it being general, I can't say specific, but it could go multiple different ways. But even if it was an [00:45:00] emotionally unstable leader, It would make people feel emotionally unstable in that area, depending on the influence.

[00:45:06] Xander: 


[00:45:06] Brandon Stafford: 

So that, that does apply here. 

[00:45:08] And then following that we, and for September, I've got the Six of Wands in reverse.

[00:45:15] Six of Wands, it's usually a confidence card. Again - show you the card that you can see. So it's darkness up top, a bundle of sticks and underneath, because it's in reverse, is the rainbow. So due to that emotional instability, plus it's kind of like 2021 is kind of going to be like a toxic relationship for a lot of us.

[00:45:38] So, you know, we'll be, we're going to be suspicious here in June, but we're going to be wanting to make connections. You know, because we know...we know the pain when we don't have those connections. 

[00:45:49] We make those connections, we start feeling more stable when we come around to the next month with the Nine of Cups and then boom, something hits our emotions. We're right back down. [00:46:00] It kills that confidence.

[00:46:02] The very following - so for October though, I do see a lot of stability and hope coming in for people. 

[00:46:08] Xander: 

Okay, nice. That's like a stag with a rainbow set of horns and a pentacle. 

[00:46:13] Brandon Stafford:

Yup. That's the Father of Pentacles. And so that's like the King of Pentacles. So we went from being emotionally unstable with the Father of Cups being in reverse, our confidence was hurt, left us in the dark. You notice that rainbow was underneath. 

[00:46:28] Xander:


[00:46:28] Brandon Stafford:

The very following card, that stability is going to be that hope, that rainbow, that we all hope for the previous months, or at least a symbol of that. 

[00:46:39] But as I can see what the next two months to follow out, we are going to have that symbol of hope as a collective whole, but it's going to come with transformation.

[00:46:50] Xander:


[00:46:50] Brandon Stafford:

The very next card -  so for November, we have the Death Card. 

[00:46:55] Xander:

Oh, good. 

[00:46:58] Brandon Stafford:

You were hoping for [00:47:00] viewing-sake that Death Card would come. 

[00:47:02] Xander:

It gets good ratings because everybody wants to hear about the Death Card.

[00:47:07] Brandon Stafford:

Right? I was like, did he do this intentionally? 

[00:47:11] But with, with the Death Card, so we'll see that, that hope that, and again, not to sound "Nostradamusy", but it could be a political figure or a group of some sort showing that hope, but something is going to definitely shine that hope pretty... pretty, obviously.  It's going to be hard to notice, but it's going to come through a transition, which is what the Death Card really means. So for a lot of you that are scared out there, you've watched a lot of Hollywood. I know I liked that look too, but death is really transformation and actually understanding that the Death Card is transformation will help you, would've helped you through 2020, but we'll continue to help you through 2021. 

[00:47:54] Because there's going to be some losses. There's going to be some things that, that are going to cause a lot of pain. I [00:48:00] see a lot of that continuing, but I see bits and glimpses of hope that are so, so shiny. And that's that important part is to go with those transitions. 

[00:48:11] In order to get something shiny it's gotta be dirty first. 

[00:48:16] "The Lotus grows from the mud" and that's exactly what I could definitely see 2021 being for us. 

[00:48:23] And then the following card to finish out the year, as far as the months go, I've got a couple more to touch on, but it's going to be December and that's the Four of Pentacles in reverse.

[00:48:36] So people might get greedy again. Finances might get tight. I hope there's not another shutdown, but there, there could just be a strain on finances. And I know, you know, a lot of people would be like, "Oh, a psychic says that finances are going to be struggle in December. Ooh."

[00:48:54] That's not what I'm saying y'all. I'm not that cheesy, okay? That's not what I'm saying. 

[00:49:00] [00:48:59] No, I'm saying that with the overall energy, I would be surprised to see if the economic structure of the world even gets an overhaul. Not just day to day on, on this, because again, you know, I was asking about the whole world. Um, so this is less with our day to day activities.

[00:49:18] So, so I would see more along the lines of, you know, potential instability in the economy worldwide.  

[00:49:26] And then with the overall energy I get the Ten of Pentacles, which you can't sell too much from this card.  But with the Ten of Pentacles on there, Tens are completion. Pentacles being stability, everything that's natural...materialistic.

[00:49:47] So it could be a complete restructure of our economic system. It could be that we're just doing things a different way in the future. 

[00:49:57] But it's definitely looking like [00:50:00] a major...a major restructuring in our material world is going to happen, whether that be finances or in our day to day life at the end of the year.  

[00:50:12] It's going to happen throughout the year, but it's going to come to completion at the end of the year, but it's going to be some instability in that.

[00:50:19] Now I do have some takeaways for this. Because like we were saying in order to keep on the, the most positive, it's how we handle the situations. And what I did with that is I actually going with Kim Krans [tarot deck] I was using her deck, her "Wild Unknown Tarot" to do the spread. I used her "Animal Spirit Deck" to kind of give some guidance in what we need going into it.

[00:50:46] Going into 2021, I got two cards, which is the Black Egg [card].  I'll show it to you.

[00:50:52] Xander:

And it is a black egg, that is what it looks like. 

[00:50:55] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah. Yeah. Black egg. It's glowing in the darkness.  [00:51:00] And the Oyster [card]. 

[00:51:01] And it's really interesting that these two came together.

[00:51:04] And it just looks like an oyster. 

[00:51:06] Now, the reason why it's interesting that those two came together is the Black Egg represents truce, but really the birthplace of our voice.


[00:51:16] Xander:

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[00:51:46] Brandon Stafford: 

Essentially saying that again, follow your spirit, whatever you didn't listen to in 2020. And even those of us that were listening to some of the messages - guess what y'all we ain't awesome. We didn't get it [00:52:00] all. We don't have, we didn't get all the messages. So keep listening, you know, it's a constant process.

[00:52:05] We've talked about that a lot. You know, it's a practice. Life is practice. Every, if everybody just understands that we have an easier time.

[00:52:13] But, but really focusing on that self and bringing your truth out. 

[00:52:19] Now, anybody who's heard, like my Light-worker Card Pulls or anything like that, you know, I've been talking that we need to speak out, but we don't need to be confrontational.

[00:52:33] And that's the thing. All of 2020...okay... in like 2021, there's a whole lot of confrontation going on. We have to speak our voice, but we have to speak our voice for each other to hold that energy. That way it speaks just as loud as everybody that wants to bicker back and forth. So speaking that voice, but not in an aggressive manner, if that makes sense. 

[00:52:57] With the Oyster Card being underneath it, that [00:53:00] refers to...an oyster is able to accomplish any goal with this card, with this energy. But the problem with the oyster is it likes to... its inner gifts it takes for granted. It likes to hold everything inside. It's really humble. You know, when you think about an oyster, it likes to stay closed. But in order for that truth to come out, it has to open in order for it to accomplish all of the wonderful potential it has to open up.

[00:53:31] It has to let out its gifts. It has to believe in its gifts. So I would see both of these is literally telling you, "you have to crack the egg of your truth". Yeah. You know? Yeah. A cracked egg is messy, but you've got to crack that egg, your truth, in order to let it out to let it gain space so it can become something else.

[00:53:55] Your egg has to hatch. Your truth has to hatch. You have [00:54:00] to open up your oyster. You have to let it out. Um, that way everybody, because I don't think, you know, a lot of people talk about an awakening. Yeah. I think some people have become more awake, but I think ultimately people got tired of being quiet and then once some people start getting tired of being quiet, other people realize, "Oh, I can speak up too, because I've felt like that for years."

[00:54:23] It's kind of like being the kid that asks the questions in class, you know, sometimes you're helping out somebody that does feel stupid if they ask. 

[00:54:30] Go ahead and ask the questions, look into yourself, speak that truth. 

[00:54:33] And then during the year, the two things that are going to help is going to be. The Bee [card] energy and the Camel [card] energy, the Bee [card] is about teamwork. But teamwork with an artistic flair, you know, doing things a creative way, but collaborating with others. Because if the people that are conflicting and having all these issues, and I say the [00:55:00] people, because I would like to hopefully remove myself as much as possible. And I hope I can do so. Um, Sure I will fluctuate throughout the year, but you know, the people that are doing these conflicts, you know, teamwork in a positive direction doesn't really work for them. They want the conflict. They want people to be against each other. And whether it's a "they" or it's just darker energy, or it's just the opposing side or whatever you might be, they don't want teamwork. They would rather division.

[00:55:31] Conflict likes division. 

[00:55:32] So the way to fight that is to work together. But be careful that you don't get drawn into the conflict and allow that to, for you to get annoyed with your team, because there's going to be a lot of high emotions. Um, and for that, you would need that Camel [card] energy. 

[00:55:48] And camels are able to handle any burden known to man. So this trip, they can make it through 2021.  And how they do that, is a [00:56:00] camel carries its own source of nourishment inside it. 

[00:56:04] Right? 

[00:56:05] Um, so by carrying its own source of nourishment, it's able to avoid these conflicts. It's able to make those connections and get that teamwork. It's able to look within and speak its truth.

[00:56:18] So that the other bees know where to find it, so it can team up with it. You know, it's opening up like an oyster to give you everything you would need to positively handle this year.

[00:56:32] Now on the flip side, you could not take this pilgrimage and crack open your egg. You could not take this pilgrimage and not open your oyster and speak your voice and let your gift shown.

[00:56:43] So then your bee-tribe is not able to find you. You can do that. And then you would get the negative aspects of the camel. The negative aspects would be a lack of vitality. 

[00:56:53] Negative aspects of the bee would be annoyed by being around others, by being annoyed by little [00:57:00] disturbances, you know, we're going to have a lot of disturbances.

[00:57:03] We need to keep that nourishment within us because it doesn't look like 2021 is going to give us externally a lot of that. And that's also important for us, more important for us to hold that light and speak that truth. So others that are on that same wavelength can come and they don't feel as in the dark as they could.

[00:57:23] And that's what I've got for 2021. 

[00:57:25] Xander:

That is wonderful reading and thank you very much for that. I mean there's...wow. The one, like kind of. I guess over, like, I'll say like maybe over simplified message that I am, I'm kind of getting from this all. And that's from the complete 2021 reading and then your follow up readings as well with the Oyster [card], the Black Egg [card], the Bee [card] and the Camel [card] is that, to me, it almost feels like as humanity, we need to come together to be heard.

[00:57:50] And as like, as the people of the planet, we need to come together, whether that be at the level of community, family, or country.  

[00:57:57] That...almost there...I'll hold [00:58:00] it up for you and show it to you there. Do you see what I wrote? The New World Order. Over there. Now I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist. 

[00:58:09] Brandon Stafford:

That is...didn't I tell you I was going to try and not sound like Nostradamus?

[00:58:13] That is what I've been trying to avoid saying with my language. 

[00:58:18] Xander:

I'll say it for you. Yeah, that'd be through, through the 2021 reading like this whole idea of like, I was like "It's the New...it's  the fucking New World Order. It's the One World Government, you know, when you spoke about things like the economy getting an overhaul. Some like highly emotional leader.  And then we have a savior who comes and kind of like rectifies all of it. But...

[00:58:36]Brandon Stafford:

I'm telling you that if you, and I'll send you a picture of this spread, if you see the spread as a whole. 

[00:58:44] Xander:

You're  like "New World Order!"

[00:58:48] Brandon Stafford:

And I'm like, yup. And that's all I got. I can hang on to my spirituality and my perseverance because shit's going to get wild.

[00:58:57] Xander: 

Yeah. shit's going to get lit, but that's the message that [00:59:00] I'm taking away from it is that those in authority are going to try and exercise their authority over us. And it seems as a community, as families, as nations as whatever it might be that we need to hang on to each other and to our humanity, to be able to like kind of weather that storm, very like, really interesting reading and very in depth that, I mean, there's, there's definitely some trends in there, right?

[00:59:24] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah. Um, oddly enough, though, I just got a different take on some of this.

[00:59:31] So, so with a lot of these cards here...cause when  you're talking  New World Order and I was trying not to go that direction, but with a lot of these cards here, they're they're cards of when there's hurt and there's emotion, there's a lot of numbers.

[00:59:48] So I've got a nine, I've got a seven, a nine, eight, right. Big numbers that would symbolize a mass amount of people. Like the people in general. [01:00:00] Yeah. When I I've got hurt cards, I've got death. That's got one. Um, you know, I've got the four Pentacles, that's only four. I've got the three and that's in reverse.

[01:00:11] I've got the Three of Swords . And Three of Swords...that one stuck  out to me in scary ways. I was trying not to say originally when I did the readings.  Because it made me think like World War Three, because WWII, WWI, the axis three, three, I'm like, Oh shit, y'all go down that road, Brandon. 

[01:00:32] Yeah, I'm not saying there's going to be any of that folks. I'm saying that energy is changeable and I hope we changed some stuff, but yeah, like, like you were saying though, definite... something that would make all of this better and, or go away because we talk that it is changeable would be, if everybody band together spoke their truth and really work together like bees, I mean, how often do you see two bees fistfight? Never, ever. [01:01:00] Yeah. I mean, they, they get irritated by outside things and the environment, but they don't fight with each other ever. That's the energy and the takeaway.


It was again something else that I noticed as well, like you said, the numbers were high. I think the two lowest numbers that you had were the Three of Swords and the other one was the, what was it the Four of Pentacles. Those were your two lowest.  But I know like the, I know, like, as you say with any Tarot Deck, the Three of Swords is generally not the most positive card. 

[01:01:28] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah, the Death [card] in the Three of Swords  [card]are the two that people really hate. They don't like the Ten of Swords, either. 

[01:01:33] Xander:

The Tower [card]... the Tower as well as, also a little bit negative.

[01:01:35] Oh the Tower [card] yeah. And then that the Four of Pentacles as well, which is also to me, like you said, because it was reverse, it's like greed and maybe like a financial issues, but the other way around when it's not reversed, it's kind of like abundance and like material kind of, yeah. 

[01:01:49]Brandon Stafford:

It can mean stability and things of that nature.  I mean, truth. Yeah. Yeah. It definitely represents [01:02:00] security and everything as far as in an upright, but in this case, it's looking ...and I'm not guaranteeing it's going to be in stability. It's just going to be a change. 

[01:02:13] Now when change happens a lot of people are resistant to it, greed, et cetera, you know, that comes into play.

[01:02:23] Xander:

Buying all the toilet paper...

[01:02:25] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah, exactly. That's why I was like, when I saw that and I'm like, if I'm fighting over toilet paper again in the next year...

[01:02:33] Xander:

Hell no.

[01:02:35] Brandon Stafford:

...you know, I'm going to have to realign some throat shockers. No, I kid, they were things tongue in cheek folks. 

[01:02:42] Xander:

Well, look, I mean, I think, you know, when, when you're considering, and I know like a lot of folks might hear this reading and think like, okay, this predicts a lot of doom and gloom and negativity, but I think what a lot of people need to remember is that having come through 2020 and all the struggles that we've faced, it seems like this reading for 2021 that you've given us is moving [01:03:00] towards restoring the balance. And, but that, that we're restoring the balance to a new way of life and a new way that the world is going to be working after what we've all been through.

[01:03:09] And that we won't be going back to...that pre... well, I'll call it the pre COVID era. We won't be going back to that world pre COVID era. It'll be going back to and finding the balance and settling into the new way that the world is going to be working. What would you say that's about accurate. 

[01:03:24] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean there, and that's kind of the thing, you know, the misconception with the Death Card, you know, like we were talking, it looks doom and gloom, but when you really understand what's going on and you really, I'm not going to say understand. Cause that makes me seem like I'm above that. No, but when you really look at what's going on and think about it, you can see that each one of these is a solution to a problem that is currently already existing. You know,  I mean, before COVID we felt unhappy about the way things were and [01:04:00] just nobody knew a way to change or nobody wanted to upset the status quo. Well, the status quo is already upset. So now we can do whatever change we want.

[01:04:08] Xander:

Yeah. It's like, it's almost like a clean slate, right? Clean slate. Here you go. 

[01:04:11] Brandon Stafford:

We already shook it up. Economy is just a myth at this point. So, I mean, in America, they keep printing out stimulus, which don't pay our bills, but they keep printing out more money or giving it to us. I don't know if they're printing it, making it, pulling it from...I don't know, but I just know I didn't get it before and now I'm getting it.

[01:04:32] And that'll make prices change. 

[01:04:34] Xander:

Yeah. Yeah. 

[01:04:36] Brandon Stafford:

So, so thanks...thanks for happening. 

[01:04:41] Xander:

Ok so just before we wrap up and again, thank you so much for doing that reading for us because it was very insightful. Obviously. I don't want to keep you here for hours and hours, even though I could. And I'm definitely going to be asking you to come back on the show again, sometime.

[01:04:52] But one of the things I wanted to just ask you about, and I think this is one of the misconceptions. You mentioned that while you were doing the reading as well, is that Hollywood really [01:05:00] sensationalized as the idea of the Death Card? It's one of those scenes in every horror movie where they're at that kind of storefront psychic, and it's the teenage girl and a boyfriend and they predict the death card and then there's an awkward moment. 

[01:05:16] It's Hollywood. But Hollywood has really misinterpreted the death card or they've really portrayed it in almost like the complete opposite way to what its actual intention is. And so can you talk to me, just tell us about the death card.

[01:05:30] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah, well, Hollywood does did that because they like money. Yeah. And then it sounds . And what I mean by that actually goes further than just the standard money. It's that society likes to look at death that way. Yeah. You know, so that's, what's more comfortable for people, you know, and Hollywood has to tap into, you know, people's pocket books and they do that by emotional states.

[01:05:58] And, you know, [01:06:00] you're comfortable when you go to the movies, you know, some art house films, you know, do the exact opposite with intention, but certain individuals go to those. But not the mass majority of people. So I think a lot of times that's why, because it's easy for people, you know, it's kind of like shadow works hard for people, right?

[01:06:20] It's easy for them to look at something that's death and go, "Oh, that's bad".  Yeah, well, okay. Cause that's how they associate death in their life. But when somebody does more introspection and like, like me, you know, I've had a lot of family members die, lost both my parents within a couple months, you know, this is a couple of years back, you know, so I've  dealt with it quite a bit, but I've learned how to see the beauty on the other side, you know, Yeah, I, I lost my mom two months after my dad committed suicide.

[01:06:54] However, I was able to get a message from her that was able to change my life. I was able to [01:07:00] transform the entire way that I think based off of one thing, she said that wouldn't have been as impactful to me had she not passed away afterwards. That may have just been like any of the millions of other pieces of advice my mom gave me. So with the Death Card, a lot of people focus on how they look at death in real life. And a lot of people don't want to look at death for what it really is in real life. So when they see the card, especially visual, you know, like on my business cards, I have, you know, "Tarot Readings,  Expeditious Fool: Cards & Candor", you know, truth is really why I do what I do because you know, when you lay it out for somebody and start talking, they can't lie to themselves.

[01:07:44] You know, they can try and lie to you, but you're able to see enough that they're really not able to. And that's the thing that upsets people with the death card is it's right in front of them. Death. How do you feel about death? Well, it's bad. Yeah. Okay. Why [01:08:00] are you afraid of death? And those are types of questions that a lot of people, if they don't want to ask right now, You know, people like you and I, Seekers, you know, we probably been asking these questions since we were little, but not everybody's like that.

[01:08:16] And sometimes when they see that death, you know, they don't want to see it. Even when you lose a family member, you can watch the family react in different ways. Some people want to go up to the coffin. Some people don't even want to be there. You know, it's all their process and how they relate to it in real life.

[01:08:35] And that's, what's awesome as a tarot reader sometimes because we get these archetypes like Death or The World, and we're able to give people a different perspective that they otherwise may not have seen. So then you can grow. Because all the Major Arcana are just universal archetypes. You know, you can apply them in different situations.

[01:08:55] So that's just how they relate to it. 

[01:08:56] Xander:

And I think also one of the things that, that a lot of folks might not [01:09:00] realize is that the Death Card doesn't always necessarily symbolize physical death. That can mean like the death of concept. It can mean the death of an ideology. It can mean it's like an ending for...it's the end of one, let's say, cycle, whether it be a life cycle or a, an emotional cycle or a, you know, a period in your life coming to a close. But what that indicates then is that a new one is about to begin and the same way you might think of, like, you might think of physical death, like. The loss of loved one or the loss of life is it's the end of this life cycle. But then that life continues in another shape or form. And whether you want to call that reincarnation or going to heaven or entering a new dimension, whatever you want to call it, whatever your belief structure allows you to call. 

[01:09:45] Brandon Stafford:

And while you were saying that that definitely explains something because, you know, it's essentially their attachment right there.

[01:09:52] So, so whether or not it's a physical death or it's the death of a process, the thing that they have the fear [01:10:00] with there is their attachment to that. And that's also why Eastern to Western culture.  You know, Western culture sees the death card. Like you're describing a lot, you know, whereas. And Eastern culture and yeah, there's some blocks there, but Eastern culture is a lot more accepting with the changing process and things like that.

[01:10:21] So it's a little bit easier for them to, to see that card from a different perspective than just the end of something. But it's that constant transition, like you were saying, you know, changing from something else. Um, but it's that attachment and the Eastern philosophy on attachment, you know, The Buddhist philosophy, the Taoists philosophy, things like that is that's the whole reason for all suffering.

[01:10:47] Yeah. So when you're in a culture where, you know, that's majorly prevalent, when they see the death card, they don't have the same connotations that a lot of people have because they're like, Oh yeah, Yeah. 

[01:10:56] Xander: 

Awesome. Great. Bring it on. 

[01:10:58] Brandon Stafford: 

The look at it like, why would [01:11:00] I be afraid of that?" 

[01:11:02] Xander: 

Almost like a sense of relief. Like, Oh fuck. It's about time.

[01:11:04] I've been waiting for that shit to die. I remember one person actually explained the Death Card to me. Um, Like this is years and years ago now, like, or not. When I was in my early teens, they explained the death card to me, as in a question. And the question they posed to me was like, when a Caterpillar becomes a butterfly, does the Caterpillar die?

[01:11:24] Oh my God. Like it blew my fucking mind. I was like, Whoa. Broke my brain. Um, because you know, for all intents and purposes, yes, the Caterpillar does die, but did its, did its life and no it's life changed. Isn't it is now a butterfly. 

[01:11:41] Brandon Stafford: 

And with me, you get farther with spirituality and then I'm like, same thing with us.

[01:11:47] Xander: 

Yeah. Very much so.

[01:11:48]Brandon Stafford: 

You know? Cause then your spirit goes on and... 

[01:11:52] Xander: 

We all become beautiful butterflies, that's what happens. 

[01:11:56] Brandon Stafford:

Yeah. And sometimes like, like if you [01:12:00] ever see a monk laughing at you, when you're going through some hard stuff, it's because he knows more than you, right? Yeah.

[01:12:08] Xander: 

He knows what's coming up on the other side.. 

[01:12:11] Brandon Stafford: 

Yeah. He's so insensitive. Why is he laughing? Cause he knows. He knows that this is a really a big deal. 

[01:12:19] Xander: 

Brilliant. Okay, Brandon, thank you so much. Thank you so much for making time to talk to me today and I've got a feeling this is not  going to be the end of our conversations and interactions.

[01:12:28] These are going to be carrying on for a  lot longer, obviously, before we go, though, please do tell the listeners. I mean, you know, like I mentioned, at the beginning, you do private one-on-one readings, you do group readings, you do online readings. So for anybody who's listening and I do highly recommend that you do this.

[01:12:42] If it's listening, how do you go about contacting Brandon, to get a reading or to book q reading, or to just engage with you? 

[01:12:50] Brandon Stafford: 

Right. Absolutely. There are several different ways I've got Instagram is probably my most prevalent, so expeditious_fool. That'll get you to me. [01:13:00] There's Expeditious Fool Tarot on Facebook.  I'm available that way. theexpeditiousfool@gmail.com. You can contact me any of those ways. If you go to my Instagram, there's also phone number and yeah, all kinds of other ways you can contact and book with me. But yeah, and I do one-on-one readings. Intuitive consulting, where I do a tarot reading and then go through meditation and breath practice based off of what ever comes through in the reading.

[01:13:25] As far as the most prevalent. Do all kinds of stuff, Yoga Nidra, to kind of get people more in touch with their body. That's similar to a, your depression exercise that you were doing, but ultimately look forward to hearing from everybody and look forward to hearing from you again in the future. 

[01:13:39] Xander: 

Yes, definitely. I mean, I've got you. Let me tell the listeners as well. If you've got access to Instagram, that is the best way to get ahold of you, because let's see you're on there all the time. Your page is fantastic, but obviously what I'll do in the show notes below is we'll put all the links so that folks just have to do a single click and they'll be able to find you easily.

[01:13:55] And again, thank you very much. Thank you very much for coming on and a terrific day. [01:14:00] I'll talk to you again soon. I'll talk to you later. 

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Brandon Stafford


Brandon is an intuitive counselor, light worker, & tarot reader from USA who offers readings, spiritual counseling & guidance sessions and daily Tarot videos.